Sunday, October 3, 2010

Supernatural Sunday

I announced a couple days ago I would be doing a Supernatural Saturday, but I decided to switch it to Sunday because there's more chance that I'll actually stick to this date. And it should go without saying that these will always contain spoilers!

Now you might think I'd be opening this up by discussing the intro scene where the baby and the mother are hiding under the bed, and spot the mutilated body beside them right before Mama gets yanked out. But no, I'm going to open it with this:


In case you missed it: This is the douche hair.

As much as I love this show, I felt like there was something missing from the premier. It really bummed me out because last season was bummed me out. The second episode, 'Two & a Half Men' improved my feelings for the future of season six. I wasn't completely buying this sudden family man that Dean has become. I know it's been a year so we were just thrown into it, but I saw no chemistry between Dean and Lisa. Though I LOVED the idea that Dean could have been the potential dad for Ben in the past, it was just weird seeing him trying to be a dad. 

When Ben approaches Dean in the garage and how easily Dean freaked about Ben knowing the hunting life made think of Papa Winchester. I loved how protective he was because we all know his feelings about being raised in the life he has been. When Sam called Dean to meet up for a hunt, I was expecting a possible freak out from Lisa. Instead she says, If you don't walk out that door - I'm going to shoot you." Maybe, just maybe I can see these two together.

Having the brothers teaming up made me think of earlier seasons - the best in my opinion but having the boys with a baby brought back the comic relief that I adore about this show. There was nothing funnier than seeing Dean and Sam trying to comfort "Bobby John" and the expression on Dean's face seeing the baby was classic. My favorite was them in the grocery store trying to buy products and calm the baby down before a possible diaper change was going to take place. 


But nothing can stay even semi-normal for the boys when a lady approaches them in line, offering her assistant, and then suddenly FLASH! She's a Shifter and Dean's about to put a knife to her throat! Let me just say, I work in a grocery store and nothing ever cool like this happens. 

After the boys get away from Old Lady Shifter, they settle into a motel room (how I've missed those!), we see that Dean is completely adorable at trying to be a dad. Leave it to him to sing Smoke on the Water or rather give out the guitar for the baby's lullaby. Sam and Dean have a nice discussion if maybe Dean's protection is just as bad as letting them into the life. I think they both had valid points to give, and neither side is ever going to be black or white. 

PhotobucketThe boys know the Shifter wants something to do with the baby. While Sam goes to investigate, Bobby John suddenly pukes up some gross things on the wall. The boys both realize at the exact moment on the phone that well....Bobby John isn't a normal baby. He's a Shifter! I'm glad he was just that. When I saw the preview for this episode, I was kind of nervous. Demon Kids creep me out. I know that a Shifter is still evil, but I'm glad the baby wasn't killing people with its mind or anything. While Sam is heading back from investigating the guy who the Shifter posed as Dean gets attacked by the Shifter who wants his son back. 

So where do the boys go? Sam suggests dear old Grandpa Samuel and the Gang's place. I don't trust these guys, and I really don't like how Sam has teamed up with them. I always go with Dean's gut (hai there Demon Wench Ruby). It's obvious that the Gang doesn't exactly feel Dean the same by the way they act around him. My suspicions of all of them were already up high seeing as they didn't kill the monster in last week's episode, but wanting to raise a Shifter into becoming a hunter? Say what?

They don't really get the chance because the Shifter shows up for his son and let me say awesomely done! First he's Grandpa Samuel, kills Thinking Guy (I can't remember his name - but he's part of the Gang and I don't like him), and then Grandpa Samuel ends up shooting him but instead of making sure he's dead and gone - they're going to 'box him up'. WHAT?! You don't box up a Shifter. You kill the thing! 

That doesn't stop the Shifter because we soon realize he's not an ordinary one. When Sam goes to find out what's going on - he meets himself at the door! Shifter Sam knocks Sammy Boy out and turns into Dean! Let me say this was FREAKING AWESOME! Of course I didn't want Dean to die while Shifter Dean was choking the crap out of him and collecting the baby, but by the causal walk the Shifter has after doing all of this - we know he's a badass.


When I say badass, I mean he's the Alpha Shifter. The first one ever 'created'. Now what does the Shifter want with babies? Is he doing something Yellow Eyes? Are there going to be more? Creating his own Shifter army to duke out? Have no clue because the Shifter leaves along with the baby. As the boys leave Grandpa Samuel, Dean questions Sam of if he knew all along that the Shifter was the Alpha and if he was using the baby as bait. I'm not so sure if Sam was telling the truth when he says no. What do you guys think? Sammy Boy hasn't exactly been the most creditable person. When he's junked up on demon blood we all know how crazy he gets, but what about Sammy who was the vessel of Lucifer and has been to Hell and back? Can we trust him? I did trust Dean when he came back and I don't like playing favorites but Sam just makes me nervous.

To make my suspicions even worse, Grandpa Samuel is talking on the phone to someone about how he couldn't catch the Shifter. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS MAN?! Does Sammy know what ole' Grandpa is up to? 

On the home front, we see Dean make a MAJOR decision - one I didn't think would come for another episode or two, but hey, I'm not complaining because I'd rather things speed up than drag out like last season. Dean decides that maybe keeping Lisa and Ben hidden isn't a great idea. That maybe just going back to his old life, leaving them out of it, is his best choice. Lisa, being the non-moron I once thought she was actually tells him to go and when he can come back, he'll come back. They'll see what happens and my doubts on her vanish when she tells him that. I am now liking her.

My vision of old Dean coming back was simple. Him pulling off the cover of the Impala, some AC/DC blaring in the background, and him and his douche hair being completely gone. I was pretty much right on this except for the music. But hey, I will settle for Deep Purple as long as old Dean is back.


There it is. My first ever recap of Supernatural. Hopefully this wasn't painful to read and I love discussing this show so feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sneak peek into next week:


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Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I thought the premiere was really boring, so I'm glad this week's was actually interesting. I definitely don't trust Grandpa, but I don't know about Sam... hmmmm. Dean as a family man is definitely hard to accept, since we missed out on that year. Lisa is a pretty cool chick, although I don't see how a relationship can really work like that. Either way, I'm glad she understands who he is. Nice recap! I don't know many people who watch Supernatural, so it will be nice to read someone else's thoughts! =)

amber d* said...

Ashley - When it comes to Sam, I only question him because anything that's been 'dead' on this show always raises my suspicions. I didn't know about Dean for a few episodes when he first came out of Hell.

I'm with ya. I don't know how a relationship could work that way but I hope to see a bit more of Lisa and Ben in future episodes.

Carrie said...

Love this!! I agree that the first episode was a disappointment. With this episode, especially the ending, my hope was restored. If this is going to be the last season, it needs to completely kick ass. So, so long douchey hair, hello Dean!

Llehn said...

I think I must be one of the last people on earth who has not watched SUPERNATURAL yet. Man, I need to get on that train!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Carrie - EXACTLY! As much as I love the show, I would have cried if the series would have ended the way season 5 did.

Llehn - What?! You've never seen Supernatural. Oh hon, get on Netflix or something and get it!

ally said...

I kinda digged this episode because, like you said, it brought back some old good things about the series. And I really was hoping that it would pick up somewhere good. I don't know why I had a feeling this would be a bad season, thank God it's getting better :)!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Ally - No, I can see why you had that feeling. Last season was just so DUN DUN DUN! all the time so I was nervous of how this season would start playing out.

Mommy Metropolis said...

Awesome recap! I'm glad that hair do is gone, too. And I don't trust Grandpa Samuel one bit. I literally squealed when Dean whipped the cover of his car! Whoo-Hoo! I love it. And I cannot wait 'till next week....CASS!!!!

NickolasHatesYou said...

Before this season I had only watched a few random episodes of Supernatural and have never really been able to get into it much.

This time around I seem to be a little more into it.

I thought the first episode of the season was a little boring but I enjoyed the second episode a lot.

I don't trust the grandpa he seems very strange to me and quite demanding.

I also didn't see much chemestry between Dean and what I take is his girlfriend? I don't really know because from the way they talked it seems like Dean was a stray dog that her and her son took in.

Those two seem to come off as friends and nothing more than that.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Britt- I will be jumping for joy when my Angel Food Cake is back. *sighs*

Nickolas- Oh dude, you have to go back and watch the other 5 seasons! There is SO MUCH that you have missed and that you need to see because it's freaking awesome!