Sunday, October 31, 2010

Supernatural Sunday

Hi boys and girls! I'm going to make this week's edition super short because I'm about to fall on my head. And really, there is only one thing to discuss and that is:


Sam is like a mountain I'd love to climb...just sayin'
Okay, so maybe I didn't know exactly what was wrong with Sammy. After he let Dean get changed by a vampire, I was hoping that Lucifer wasn't wearing him as a meat suit because that idea would just drag and drag out the storyline. When my Angel Food Cake (he really needs to get back to being half human again) declared he was not in fact Lucifer, but obviously something was up I knew it could only be one other thing. Sammy Boy has no soul.

Of course he doesn't have a soul! It makes perfect sense. The boy was in HELL! He had SATAN UP IN HIS BODY! Sure Dean went to Hell. Papa Winchester went to Hell. (By the way, when is that hot papa coming back?!) But Sam, has he had the toughest ride ever. First demon blood, having a chick in him, Hell and back, Yellow Eyed Demon Boy, Hell and back, Demon Blood Junkie - sheesh, it's a wonder his soul didn't go MIA a few seasons ago.

And that ending! OH MY GOSH THAT ENDING! I was taken aback by Dean beating the living hell out of baby brother. I don't blame him. Even though Sammy doesn't have a soul and really can't feel a thing, that whole vampire thing really screwed up Dean's chances of having a family. I know that Dean admitted he's better at slicing throats then being a family man, but this is Dean. No matter how much he knows what he is, we know the dream of a normal life will never fade away for him. The phone call between him and Lisa was...wowzers. A part of me wonders if Lisa wasn't under the curse, would she would have been so harsh? I really think so. She's all about her son and seeing Dean push him definitely drew the line for her and this life.

So what's next for the brothers? Well obviously finding Sam's soul and getting that boy fixed. Besides finding out the truth this episode, I liked how it's feeling more and more like old times. Dean checking out that girl's boobs was such a classic Dean move. And Bobby - oh Bobby how I loved you in this episode! Poor Dean will be scarred for life because of that man's confessions!


So what did you guys think? Think Dean went too far with Sam? Have any thoughts on where Sam's soul might be? And anything else you can think of - leave a comment and let's discuss!

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