Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crossroads Tour: Joy Preble

When you were working on Dreaming Anastasia was there ever a scene or a plot line that had to be cut that you wanted to keep? Or maybe an idea that came to you after the book was already out on shelves?
Well, actually there were a set of scenes that took place at the Art Institute in Chicago. But that’s all I’m going to say. You never know when I might need them! I keep an “orphans” file for all my books. That’s where I store scenes/lines, etc that I cut but might want to go back to in future drafts or books. And oh yes, there was also a wonderful scene in an earlier version of the novel where Anne and Ethan kiss while waiting for the El train. But my editor at the time was insistent that these two needed to wait longer to finally kiss. So I had to cut it. That one was hard to get rid of for me!

If you could choose one person’s dreams to slip into whose would you choose?
I already have such vivid and often disturbing dreams that this is a tough question. But you know, now that you ask, I’d say Lady Gaga. Cause I’d really love to know what’s going on in her creative imagination!

Name three events in history you would have liked to have either witnessed or been apart of.
I would LOVE to have witnessed the signing of the Declaration of Independence. After that, I think it would have been amazing to watch the Wright Brothers’ first flight. And I’d have loved to have been with the Apollo astronauts when they walked on the moon!

Is there a subject or genre you know you’ll never write?
I will probably never write a Harlequin romance. Not that I dislike the genre, just that I tend to create these angsty characters who struggle with happy endings. So I’m probably not a great fit. Other than that, I’m pretty wide open!

Out of all the supernatural powers out there, what’s one you WOULDN’T want?
I would NOT want to read people’s thoughts. Imagine what you’d have to listen to! I definitely wouldn’t want to know what most people are actually thinking.

Well...there are a few peoples' minds I wouldn't mind taking a listen to. Thanks for stopping by, Joy!

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That's a great idea to keep a cut scene/line folder for ideas that you may want to use later. I'll have to keep that in mind. I for one would not like to have xray vision. If I want to see what's underneath those clothes, I'll work on it the old fashioned way. Reading minds, I'd like that.

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Sab H. said...

YAY! Joy! She's awesome :)

ferretvamp14 said...

Loved your interview questions. I bet cutting scenes you love has to be the worst. Who doesn't like more kissing, lol!