Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crossroads Tour: Tonya Hurley

What is a ghost story or dream that still haunts you?
“Johnny on the first step” or “Hook for a hand.”

The personal one that still haunts me is when Lisa and Cookie Ficara, our friends, were watching my twin sister and I. We walked past an old stone wall and there were cement balls on the top. They told us that the heads of little kids were trapped inside of the balls. I still cringe when I visit back home and see the wall. It’s still there and I still think there are heads in there.

I could see that really freaking someone out! It kind of reminds me of Killer Klowns from Outer Space and how I was scared of fun ball balloons for years because of it! If you turned into a ghost, what places or people would you haunt?
My twin sister. I love to see her terrified for some odd reason.

I'd totally haunt my sister, too! Thanks for stopping by, Tonya! 



Tales of Whimsy said...

Eeeek! That would stay with me too.

My step-grandpa use to tell me and my little brother that there was a garbage eating monster in the garbage shoot. I still have an issue with garbage shoots ;)

I think I'm spelling shoots wrong? ;)

Jessy said...

I think that is hilarious. My sister loved to torment me as well.

NickolasHatesYou said...

All these authors are all so pretty :P.

and I am with her on scaring of the sister. I love to freak my sisters out as much as I can haha. I think it is a family thing though because all my guy cousins like to scare their sisters too :P


I think babysitters are guilty of creating at least one fear in all of us. I know I had one that did.


ferretvamp14 said...

Love love love ghostgirl! The covers are so awesome. I was instantly drawn to them, and the story makes it that much better! Oh, and hook for a hand still freaks me out!