Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween + I have LOADS of winners!

I decided to end all the giveaways a couple hours early due to me gearing up for NaNoWriMo tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who commented on reviews, interviews, and guest posts this month! I cannot believe today is Halloween and October is officially over :(

I didn't do anything big for Halloween. Usually I go with my sister and take my niece trick or treating, but this year there was a dance at the YMCA so she wanted to go to that instead of trick or treating so I came over and did her make up. What was she? Well a witch of course! Because there is no cooler costume than a witch!

Speaking of being a witch - one of the bonus entires in the One Witch of a Giveaway was to send in pictures of yourself as a witch. I only got a couple entries, but decided to throw in one of myself too:

Me circa 1995
Kristina from Frazzled Book Nommer

Ally from Pix n Flix n Stix

Kristin from Wocker Mom

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween! (Yes, I know it's still going on but my town did Halloween last night.) I plan on snuggling up on my couch, watching a little bit of A Nightmare Before Christmas, and eating some left over candy. Before I do that, I have winners! winners! and some more winners!

The winner of a Readable Classics is....


- I have your address, but I need you to email me what book you would like from this list by Tuesday night

The winner of I Now Pronouce You Someone Else is....


- Already have your address

The winner of Crusade by Nancy Holder is....

Kristen from Illinois!

- Already have your address

For the One Witch of a Giveaway, the winner is....

Katie from Katie's Book Blog!!

- Katie, please email me your mailing address by Tuesday night :)

The winner of the Immortals Series by Alyson Noel is.....

-Please email me your address by Tuesday night :)

Today we said goodbye to the Crossroads Tour and the two swag winners are....

JuJu at Tales of!! (already have your address)
Heather from Buried In Books!! (please email me your address)


Congratulations to all the winners!!

I hope you all enjoyed this month's festivities. Check back tomorrow to see what's going on for November!



Tales of Whimsy said...

OMG What awesome pictures and thank you sooooo much for the swag :D


Thank you for the swag, but those pictures are so darn cute! I wish I had a little girl....I love my boys, but I'd love to have a little witch or a princess or a fairy. Oh well. Thanks again!

Buried in Books


Wanted to let you know I received my swag pack some time this weekend Friday or Saturday. My mail retreivers don't always bring Mom her mail and leave it in a pile with the bills! Thanks for the swag!!