Friday, October 8, 2010

Jumping on the Anna Love Train.

There are many books that were on my Most Wanted list this year. Anna and the French Kiss really wasn't one of them. I know at some point I would have probably picked it up, but it wasn't until I noticed twitter blowing up with #AnnaLoveTrain then noticed how much Sab and Erica kept talking about how wonderful this book was that I realized that I probably should take a deeper look into it.

Getting the book, I was skeptical. You know how it is when everyone and their mother is talking about a book, and you get it, and yes it's good, but you think really? Everyone's hyped up for this? I mean it was good, but it wasn't like omgamazinggood!

But oh my. Oh me oh my oh. I dove into Anna and if it wasn't because I had taken a sleeping pill to get up at 5 AM for school the next morning, I would have finished it that night. I plan on writing a very long review later on, but for now I'll give you my 8 reasons of why you simply CANNOT miss out on this book. Why 8 you ask? Because it's my favorite number and Anna and the French Kiss is one of my all time favorites now.

1. Perkins is my new Dessen. If you know me, this is a Holy Grail type of compliment.
2. Anna. She is you. She is your best friend. She is the girl sitting next to you in class. If even an ounce of your life cannot relate to Anna, you must be a pod person.
3. The writing! Stephanie Perkins is a genius. It's so free and flowing and you don't even realize your about 100 pages until you look down and go whoa!
4. Paris. It's freaking Paris people. I've never been. Don't speak the language, but I felt like I went.
5. St. Claire. Trust me, this was hard for me not to put him as number one since I'm such a character whore, but oh my....*melts*. St. Claire is such a wonderful, hilarious, gorgeous BLIND guy! He's afraid of heights which is just so freaking adorable. And kudos to the author for making him a bit of a shortie.  He's also English so the accent immediately makes me flock to him. He's so awesome. And I might even love him  more than Dexter from This Lullaby, but shhhh don't tell Dexter that. We've been in love for years and I know this will break his clumsy musician heart if he found out I was cheating on him with St. Claire.
6. The Hat.
7. Dialogue. You know how sometimes in a book dialogue can sometimes either lag or characters end up sounding just alike? Not with this book. Everyone has their own unique voice and it's quick. It goes together perfectly.
8. Saving the best for last: ROMANCE. I've never had so many butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't rushed. It was tested. It was so back and forth like real life. It was written beautifully, and your heart will absolutely melt through the story.

So in conclusion: I want to re-read this book now. Heck, I want to live in this book, marry it, and have its babies.Go pre-order now. NOW I SAY!



Ginger @ GReads! said...

Ok.. so I was on the fence about this book b/c it kept popping up in my book suggestions.. but after reading your review I feel like I must! I LOVE YA contemporary stuff.. and this sounds right up my alley.

P.S. hotter than Dexter?! really?? I'm intrigued.

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Perkins is my new Dessen. *gasp* I have to say, your 8 reasons made me want this book even more!! I've been dying to read it, since everyone is going on and on about how good it is, and now I'm just super excited. Very convincing reasons!

Sab H. said...

What have I done!!??????
Dexter: please forgive me.

Cecelia said...

I've been dismissive of this one too (I am SUCH a cover snob...*sigh*), but when you said the magic word (Dessen), I realized that I'll have to read this regardless. Thanks for the encouragement!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Merci, Amber.

My heart is full of happiness and love. Thank you for these amazing compliments. I'm so, so happy you that liked Anna and √Čtienne's story.

LuxeCouture said...

Hahahaha ok ok I'll go pre-order!! :)) Sounds good!

Abby said...

I'm reading your list of reasons and I just keep going "I know! I KNOW!!" I completely agree. Anna is wonderful!!!

ally said...

You know, now I'm thinking I should go buy it. . . St. Claire, you say? ;)

Jenna said...

I actually was going to pass on this book, but I've been hearing way too many good things about it to do that now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

Unknown said...

Okay, okay with 8 reasons like that how could I possibly not read it.

NickolasHatesYou said...

I will probably be passing on this one doesn't seem much like my type of book :P

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Nickolas - NO! Anti-Anna talk is now forbidden from JYTBB. Trust me, you want to pick this book up :P