Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crossroads Tour: Kitty Keswick

For today's post I asked Kitty Keswick to tell us moments where she felt like a freak in high school:

Who hasn’t felt a little freaky, like they don’t belong. I was really involved in clubs and such in school. I also competed in Debate; I once fell on my butt in front of a large group of people and then had to go up and rattled me. I felt stupid and awkward.

Yeah, falling on the bum is always a bit mortifying. And here, have a random list of Kitty's Top 10 Favorite Halloween Movies: 

- American Werewolf in London
- Underworld
- Halloween
- Friday the 13th
- The Ring
- From Dusk ‘til Dawn
- Nightmare on Elm street
- The Ring
- The Grudge
- Dracula

Thanks for stopping by, Kitty!

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Kitty Keswick said...

Thanks for having me.


You know how they have those summer movies on a certain day of the week for kids for a cheap price and show reruns? When I was a kid, they didn't show Disney movies. I watched Dracula. Scared the crap out of me. I slept with the sheet up to my chin for years after that!


ferretvamp14 said...

Underworld and Halloween are two of my favorites also! Halloween is soooo my favorite holiday! Scary movies, candy and dressing up!