Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crossroads Tour: Judith Graves

While the paranormal is a very hot genre there are still some readers who are hesitant. What are five reasons you would tell someone why they should give the unknown and the unexplained a spin?

1. If an author is offering an explanation for the unexplained….why not take a chance and be entertained by the ideas?

2. If you like horror movies, or fun houses, or those mini cinnamon donuts at the fair – you might enjoy a thrill ride of the paranormal fiction kind. They’re sweetly dangerous.

3.Don’t look behind you! (If that line made you uneasy or gave you a laugh….imagine what a whole paranormal book could do.)

4.What is paranormal fiction but the modern fairytale?

5.Because I said so. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Judith! And of course thank you for putting together this tour :) Don't forget to swing by the Crossroads to see the question for the day. You need all 16 answers to enter for the grand prize!



ferretvamp14 said...

Because I said so! Classic! Mini cinnamon donuts are pretty awesome as well. Love your 5 reasons!


Very clever answers! I love because I said so! I use that one a lot.