Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supernatural Sunday

Oh what's this? Supernatural Sunday? You mean that thing I was supposed to be posting weekly, but somehow managed to miss two weeks of it? Yeah, I suck. I do apologize.

Raise your hand if you weren't spilling over in laughter at the introduction of this week's episode. *waits a minute* Yep, I'm sure you were all cracking up. I mean, just look at the title:

Live Free or Twihard

Taking a jab at Twilight isn't exactly something new. You all might remember Dean's lovely line last season: Suck it, Twilight! But this time the show really went all out. It opens up with a human girl named Kristen and vampire boy named Robert. Between their long drawn pauses and that cheesy dialogue, I was just waiting for a half naked werewolf to come along. (And for the record, I do like Twilight. I even have a Jasper fangirl shirt, but I have no problem poking fun at it either.) After Kristen is lured to Robert's little lair, we find out that he's not the sparkling protective vampire like all the books say he should be. Instead he's a crazy blood sucking killer. Who would have thought! 

Her disappearance along with five other girls puts the case right on the boys' radar. Before they take off, we get to see a cute little phone call between Dean and Lisa. She's growing on me more and more which just means she's either going to die, turn evil, or tell Dean to stay out of her life. Because that's what ALWAYS happens when I start liking a girl on Supernatural.

The boys step into vampire fangirl world when they got to Kristen's room. I could write paragraphs on all the great lines this scene held. Here's just a couple that come from Dean's mouth:

"These aren't vampires. These are douche bags."
"Look at this. He's watching her sleep. How is that not raping?"

Even though this episode opened up in a joking matter, things started getting serious. After a blood bank van gets robbed, Gramps calls up Sam telling him it is for sure vamps and the boys need to find the nest. The boys head to the bar, staking out the place, trying to find their vamps. When Dean spots a vamp who shall forever be called Bieber, he follows him out while Sam follows another guy. Except Sam's instincts were right. He gets lured into a room where a vampire tries to attack but Sam turns around, slices the guy's throat like it ain't not thang.

Dean on the other hand catches just some random glitter wearing douche. Before Dean tells him to mmbop his way out of there and use a condom - he picks up a tip: Wearing glitter can get you laid. If Dean wears glitter in a future episode, I will die! While walking back to the bar, Dean meets very curly haired vamp, the ring leader so to say of the nest who kicks his can right to the trash. And here is where things start getting juicy.

Sam comes up in the alley, sees Curly about to change Dean. It's clear to EVERYONE HE'S LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM! And instead of rushing to save his brother before Curly can make Dean drink his blood. He does this:


WHAT THE HECK SAM?! I had my suspicions - who didn't? But I was really hoping that maybe Hell had just made him cold. But obviously something completely different is going on with Sam to let his brother turn into a mother truckin' vampire!

Dean's sense go haywire. He can hear the clock ticking, the lights are blinding, and can hear Sam's heartbeat. Sam's very slow heartbeat because he isn't freaking out that his brother is now a vampire. Which we all know why but poor Dean has no idea he was set up by his brother. For some reason Sam think he can keep things under control, but Dean skips out the bathroom and heads over to see Lisa and Ben.


While trying to say a goodbye to the wifey and kid, Dean can't help the urge of wanting to rip out Lisa's throat to get her blood. Thankfully that didn't happen, but still things got a little violet especially when Dean shoved Ben against a wall so he wouldn't be near him. Dean rushes out the house before anything else can happen. Meanwhile, Gramps shows up with some answers. He doesn't have to kill Dean, he can save him with a little cure from his own grandpa's journal. I love how they all keep journals in this hunting family. I hope there's more of this family history stuff going on in future episodes.

The kicker is that Dean has to get Curly's blood to turn back so while he sets up Gramps delivers a line that makes me go WHAT THE HELL SAMMY?! Sam apparently knew about the cure. He might have tried to act all shocked when Gramps first mentioned it but we all remember that smirk. It seems that Sam might have baited his brother just so he could find out who the Alpha Vampire is. The warning bells start going off because we all know Gramps is on the hunt for lots of Alphas. Don't think I haven't forgotten there is obviously something up with the old man too.

Dean heads off to Curly's place pretending that he has drank. He learns quickly that Curly isn't the Alpha but he's running a recruiting place. Yep. All these vamps are using social networking and other things to lure people into their world. What for? Some kind of vampire take over? Where only they rule the world? Probably. It is Supernatural and the bad guys are always trying to make evil rule.

When Curly finds out Dean is there to kill instead of join, he goes all kick butt on him. Then suddenly him and the minions start to fall down (*sings* like tooyy soilders - sorry.) Then Dean joins them and some really weird creepy crap happens. Flashes of images and pulsing and two really creepy girls fly into his mind. WHY OH WHY DO THEY USE KIDS?!


I hate creepy children! Obviously after all that happened, we'll see more vampires in the future. When Dean wakes, Curly sicks everyone on him and Dean starts slicing and dicing those blood suckers one by one. In the end, Sam and Gramps find him with Curly's chopped off head under his foot.

Once again Sam raises suspicions demanding to know what Dean found out while in there right before Dean drank the cure. Unfortunately for Sammy, his blood was so freaking loud, Dean couldn't hear what he had asked. After drinking the cure, Dean flings back and the most disgusting stuff starts to happen as he turns back into a human. Seriously people, I almost puked.

Before Dean was a full fledge human again, he started having flashes of everything that went down in the past 24 hours (or however long he was all vamp like). And one thing that didn't slip his mind was: That damn smirk.


Oh Sammy, you've got some explain' ta do! But in a very Dean like manner, he doesn't call him out on it. I had a feeling he might not. Sure Dean has been known to bring up the crap between the two, he's also a plotter. He's going to find out what's going on with Sammy before he pounces on him. But he does tell Gramps and Sam that he thinks the Alpha sends him some psychic messages to build an army. And the worst of all, hunters no longer scare them. That is never a good thing.

In closing, I laughed, I hurled, wanted to punch Sam in the face, and then give Dean a massive teddy bear hug. It seems like his family might be broken up with Lisa not picking up his phone call which can't really blame a girl. And judging by next week's episode, we might be getting some answers on Sam. Here's my only thing I'm really, really hoping they don't drag this on forever. I want the boys back together again. No more Good Dean vs. Evil Sammy. Since Angel Food Cake is in next week's episode along with Bobby, here's hoping that'll happen!

*All pictures and GIFs were used from true_fellings and ontd_spnparty sites.


ferretvamp14 said...

I can't decide if I'm mad at Sam or not. I kind of feel like Dean was once a plotter as well and might have done the same thing if he knew there was a cure. Then again, maybe not. Something is definitely up with Sam though. said...

what show is this?