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While I do focus on a lot of Young Adult novels, I do read Adult Fiction too. This blog is no way my job nor do I get paid for it. I have a busy schedule with work and school so this only for my love of reading. All reviews are my honest thoughts on what I loved or didn't love about the book. Each review contains a summary via goodreads or amazon followed by a couple paragraphs of the review. I also rate books on a scale of 1 to 5.

5 - All-time absolute favorite
4 - Loved it
3 - Liked it
2 - Read better
1 - Wouldn't recommend it 

If you would like me to review your book please note I cannot guarantee you a review. I do try to finish every book I read, even if I'm not completely loving it, but sometimes I have to dump a book. If you do send in a request please allow 1-3 months for the review to be posted. 

I do not accept e-books or self-published books.
Why don't I? Because my eyesight is crap. I don't have anything to read e-books on. While I understand the world is all hype on technology I'm still refusing to shell out the money to get one. And if I'm going to sit in front of my computer for hours on end it's going to be either for a dreadful school assignment or trying to write my own stories. There are plenty of bloggers that will take e-books so feel free to contact them.

Some of my favorite genres include: contemporary fiction, social issues, realistic fiction, paranormal, romance, mysteries, chick-lit and thrillers. Even if your book does not fall under my favorite genre, please don't hesitate to see if I might want to review it. I'm pretty much open to all genres!

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I love talking to authors - they're rock stars in my eyes! If you would like me to interview you or pratcipate in a tour, feel free to email me. I also host a weekly meme called Rock This! Thursday. With this I explore all books that are music related, host giveaways, share concert stories, and also do interviews. If you are an author who loves music and books - this is the interview for you!


If you would like me to host a giveaway please send in the following information:
  • What the giveaway will include
  • How long you would like the giveaway to last
  • What countries you're able to send to
  • Can you ship to PO Boxes
  • Any other rules you'd like to add

As of April 2011, the blog averages around 1,600 hits a month.