Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crossroads Tour: Karen Kincy

I asked Karen, if her book was ever turned into a movie - who would she cast and why?

Other: The Movie. Coming to a theatre near you. (I wish!)

Rachelle Lefevre would make a good Gwen with her red curly hair and all, and I’ve always liked Takeshi Kaneshiro as a Tavian inspiration. I’m not so sure about Zack, Chloe, Randall, etc. However… both of these actors are too old! I’m afraid I would run up against this problem with most of my characters. What does everybody else think? Who would you suggest as good actors for the movie Other?

Also, I hope they would film Other: The Movie in the forests of western Washington, where Klikamuks (the fictional town where Gwen lives) is supposed to be. There’s some really gloomy, creepy forest that would work great for the werewolf and dead body scenes, as well as the perfect big-leaf maple trees for Chloe, the dryad who’s best friends with Gwen, to sleep in. Plus that means I could easily swing by while they film the movie, since I’m a native Washingtonian.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen! Here's hopes that one day it will turn into a movie! Don't forget to swing by the Crossroads to see the question for the day. You need all 16 answers to enter for the grand prize!




Don't know either of those actors, and really can't think of any that I'd put in the movie. But there's always hair dye and wigs that do a fantastic job if you can't find the right red head!


MissA said...

So this may seem obvious but the first redhead I think of is Emma Stone. I love her. It would be really interesting to see her in a non-comedic role (Well she is starring in The Help...) Rachelle Lefavare would be good too.

I think Takeshi Kaneshiro would be awesome as Tavian.

But hey maybe you will get to help pick a 'no name' actor/actress.

It's funny because I literally just finished Other and it was so good. Then I saw this post :)