Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is kind of an odd post I'm doing, but I thought what better place to get some suggestions from. So here it is. Does anyone know any books (can be fiction or non-fiction), movies, or websites that focus on the following:

  • Angels
  • Myths and Folklore (I barely know anything on the subject so I'm up for whatever.)
  • Southern Belles
  • Charm Schools
  • The 60's
  • Also how life would be in America around the late 1800's and very early 1900's. (More looking at movies for this one.)

I know this is huge range of things I'm asking, but I'm really just looking for anything right now. So whatever comes to mind, please share!




Natascha De Marco said...

Angels- Hmm, I know some that are like focused on Religion like The Da Vinci Code and stuff, can this be movies also? cause City of Angels is a good one.

How life would be in America around the late 1800's and very early
1900's.- The luxe series? it's 1895...

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Awesome, thanks so much Taschima!

Anonymous said...


City of Angels (movie)
Rosey in the Present Tense (book)
Heart and Souls (movie)

Myths and Folklore - as opposed to fairy tales? Like, the Olympian or Nordic Gods type Folklore? East by Edith Pattou comes to mind, and Aesop's Fables

late 1800s-early 1900s (not QUITE sure if these are right, it's off the top of my head:)

Titanic (how early 1900s did you want?)

I will keep thinking....

Teri K said...

I'm writing a book set in the 1890's, so I should be a lot of help, but I'm on vacation, and don't have my notes here.
For mythology Bullfinch is a good start - he makes it fun. Edith Hamilton is used a lot in college -- they're retold well, but without any energy. Still, a good source. I'd really start at the kid's section of the library. Kid's books will get you up to speed fast, and help you decide what you're really interested in.

For the 1900's I should be a whiz but my DH died recently and I'm not back into writing yet. I think there's a series called "Everyday life in the 1890's" or whatever. I liked it a lot. Get a copy of the Sears catalog from that time, they're easy to find and you learn a lot. Anne Perry's Charlotte Pitt books are set in London, but the details are very accurate. I think the movie "Life with Father" fits, and "Meet me in St. Louis".
There are tons of websites on this. Start with the History Channel and branch out from there. They also have documentaries and such that might help.
As for Southern Belles, I can only think of GWTW. Try searching Netflix to see what they have.
I hope this helps get you going. If you need more ideas, feel free to ask. You can leave me a comment on my blog http"//abookwithaview.blogspot.com.
Have fun.

Teri K said...

Oh, one more thing. :-) Billy Graham's book "Angels" is often considered the foundational book on the subject of angelology. (Yes, they really do call it that!)

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Oo thanks so much Aerin! I forgot about Newsies...I love that movie =D

WOW! Teri, I could quite possibly hug you right now! Thanks so much, you rock!