Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler

Released: September 2007
Publisher: Regan Books
Genre: Adult - Humor - Memoir
Pages: 264
Source: Library

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

When Chelsea Handler needs to get a few things off her chest, she appeals to a higher power -- vodka. You would too if you found out that your boyfriend was having an affair with a Peekapoo or if you had to pretend to be honeymooning with your father in order to upgrade to first class. Welcome to Chelsea's world -- a place where absurdity reigns supreme and a quick wit is the best line of defense.

 In this hilarious, deliciously skewed collection, Chelsea mines her past for stories about her family, relationships, and career that are at once singular and ridiculous. Whether she's convincing her third-grade class that she has been tapped to play Goldie Hawn's daughter in the sequel to Private Benjamin, deciding to be more egalitarian by dating a redhead, or looking out for a foulmouthed, rum-swilling little person who looks just like her...only smaller, Chelsea has a knack for getting herself into the most outrageous situations.


Chelsea Handler reminds me of a female version of Bob Saget. And no, I'm not talking about the dad on Full House that hung out with hot Uncle Jessie (even with the mullet) version here. So if very crude and in your face hold nothing back humor is something that doesn't appeal to you - do not pick this book up. If it does, well then sit back and have a good laugh.

After reading her first book, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands, I was pretty excited to get my hands on this one. The book itself doesn't have a storyline at all. Each chapter is kind of like a short stand up, and most of them were pretty hilarious. I was kind of disappointed that some of the chapters were a little more dull compared to her first book. And by the title I expected a little more crazy drunken stories. By the middle of the book though, the tears were rolling, and I was laughing out loud. There are some pretty crazy scenarios in here, and every chapter that involved any of her friends had me completely rolling. The quick witted humor is another thing, half of the dialogue is something that catches you so off guard all you can do is laugh. All in all the book was a pretty good read and if she were to write another one, I'd still be pumped to read it.

Although I didn't find the book as hilarious as the first, I think there should be some sort of warning label about busting out in hysteria laughter. So for my public service announcement, do not read either one of these books out in public. Especially if you are sitting in a waiting room at the dentist office like I was when I read the first book. Believe me, you get some strange looks.



Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty good.

Anonymous said...

great review!

I've never heard of that book, but the title made me laugh :)

Unknown said...

This title also cracks me up :) I am glad to see your reactions that suggest that it may live up to expectations :)

Sadako said...

This looks really funny! And I like Bob Saget--well, the bluer version.