Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Second Virgin Birth by Tommy Taylor

The Second Virgin Birth by Tommy Taylor

Chapter 1

Easy MoneyWe have all done it. We know we look stupid doing it, but we do it anyway. That hurried walk down the hall. The one where you are trying to look like you are not running but just walking fast. As you pass people on the way in that awkward gait, you just smile and say “Excuse me” as you try not to attract attention to yourself.

This time it was Thurston Henry who was looking like an idiot in his “I’m not running” walk down the hall. Only this was not just any hall; it was the main hall to the forensic department at the Vatican in Rome. Thurston had in his possession two small items that would eventually change not only the history of the world as we know it, but also its future as well. They were not big items, but as small as a human hair; in fact, they were human hair. One single hair in a bottle marked 816 – Shroud of Turin, and in the other bottle, again,just a single hair marked 165 – Pile of Scrapings. Yet when combined, these two seemingly insignificant pieces of the human body would become more feared by the world rulers than all the atomic bombs ever manufactured. These hairs would destroy kingdoms and topple rulers all over the world, and no army would be able to protect them from their doom.

I have to say a big thank you to Tommy Taylor for letting me read this book and giving me a taste of something so wonderful. I myself can read just about anything. Whether I like it or not is a different story.

Well, I completely loved this story. It touched me in ways I didn't know a book could. It was a complete fictional story that had me wondering how true it could be. And if someday--far away from today I'm sure--it will be. The main character in this story was so well written, there were times I felt the same comfort from her that the other characters were feeling. Tommy Taylor shows his intelligence and his wonderful imagination in this original display of courage, faith, promise and hope. If you believe that miracles could happen, and hope that some day the world is better than it is right now, then pick up this book.

The characters are well written and completely believable. This story has a mixture of seriousness, humor, pain and virtue. As I said, the story, as fictional as it is, has you wondering just how fictional it could be. That's the part that kept my mind on this story more than anything else. This book was so easy to read and enjoyable, it was hard to put it down. The chapters were short, to some that isn't good. To me, that was wonderful. When chapters are too long, I start to lose interest. Even if its only for a small amount of time.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.

We are going to start our own rating system soon, but for now... 5 stars


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