Friday, March 20, 2009

Fairy Tale Contest!

This is so fun! Author Cyn Balog is having a awesome Fairy Tale Contest with her up coming book Fairy Tale. Go to her Livejournal and follow the simple and fun rules and your entered.

How to Enter-
1-Post her widget somewhere on your site and comment with the link (or email it to cyn at cynbalog dot com)
2-Blog about this contest, and comment with a link to your blog (or email it to cyn at cynbalog dot com)

Now here's the fun part. . .
3-Comment, and tell her a fairy tale, STARRING you. Be sure to start with Once Upon a Time!If you do two of these things, she will enter you twice! Three, she will enter you three times!
The deadline to enter her my birthday, April 13th! Good luck!

GRAND PRIZE: A signed copy of FAIRY TALE (hot off the presses, before you can buy it in stores!) AND A hand-crafted, silver fortune cookie necklace with a special message, Believe. This is just like the one that Morgan wears in FAIRY TALE!

FIRST PRIZE: Two winners will receive a fortune cookie charm necklace, which is really cute. She will have a hard time parting with them.

ALL ENTRANTS!: All entrants will receive her eternal gratitude. AND...If you'd like to send your address to cyn at cynbalog dot com, she will also send you FAIRY TALE magnets and bookmarks for you and all your friends!

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