Monday, March 23, 2009

What Kind Of Reader Are You?

I found this quiz on J. Kaye's Book Blog and pretty much knew what the result would be, but I had to see for myself.

Cheryl's Results-

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Anonymous said...

Hey! I am a Dedicated Reader too! Freaky! :P

Jen said...

Hey im an Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm

"You're probably in the final stages of a Ph.D. or otherwise finding a way to make your living out of reading. You are one of the literati. Other people's grammatical mistakes make you insane."

This is true, Im really OCD about my books.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

^^Awesome! YAY us! lol.

^Oh man! Your worse than us! lol...but in such a awesome way!

Anonymous said...

I just love quizzes like this. :) I am OC about everything. Books are no!

Genevieve said...

I'm a dedicated reader also! But my results are the exact same.