Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guest Reviewer : Emily

We were lucky enough to have an avid reader of our book blog to want to join us in a Guest Reviewer post. Thank You again Emily for wanting to review a book of your choice. This was exciting to us!

That Summer by Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Speak
Number of Pages: 198

For fifteen year old Haven, there's just too much going on. First, there's her father's wedding to Lorna Gueen, the local television "Weather Pet." Then her sister Ashley's wedding to boring Lewis Washer, who doesn't seem to suit Ashley at all. And Haven can't ignore the fact that she's nearly six feet tall and still growing. Haven can barely figure out who she is anymore or where she fits in. Then Ashley's old boyfriend, Sumner Lee, shows up and sparks Haven's memories of the summer when her parents were happy, her sister was plucky and carefree, and everything was perfect...or so it seemed.

One of the greatest things an author can do is create a character that people can relate too. And thats exactly what Sarah Dessen does.

That summer, captures the relationship between two sisters, and the changes that they've faced since the summer that everything was perfect. Most teenagers will be able to relate with Haven, and all the changes she goes through. She's nearly six feet tall, her sister is driving her crazy, her parents are getting divorced... nothings the way it used to be. Sarah Dessen continues to amaze me. Although this was not one of her strongest novels, this one was stillvery well done. Haven's view on her shoe store job, Sumner's cheese commercial, Casey and her mother all got me laughing out loud. This really was an enjoyable novel, and I definately recommend it! (4/5 stars)

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