Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Borders: Did your store make the list?

I'm sure many of you are well aware that today many Borders stores were going to be closing down. To see the full list, click here.

I live in what a lot of people like to call the boonies, the boothill, or my favorite BFE. Basically I am small town. Most of my book buying comes from ordering online or Wal-Mart. (And my Wal-Mart sucks, by the way.) The closest Borders or other bookstore is in a city located about an hour away from me. I do make trips up to this city once or twice a month, and always stop by Borders because an actual bookstore is a treat for me. Some of you may think this is very odd, but it's true. Try going without a bookstore near you for most of your life, and you'll soon figure out why it's so awesome to walk into one. To be surrounded by books that you can pick up and look through.

Today I found out my store will be closing and it really bummed me out. I feel worse for all the people who are now loosing their jobs. So what I'm saying to everyone is that if you can get to a Borders: Go buy a book! Help save the other stores that are still opened so they can get passed this.

And if you happen to live in Pennsylvania and are around Exton, you should swing by the mall and go to the Borders Express. (Check them out on facebook!) That's where two of my friends work and they are big advocates for Young Adult. It seems like once a month they have an author in there (past events include: Cassandra Clare, A.S. King, Michelle Zink, Rachel Caine) and if you check out their facebook page you can see they really know how to throw an event! I wish I lived closer because I'd be hanging out in their store all day.

Now I know some of you are probably going to say something about shopping Indie Bound. Please don't think I don't support that in any way because I do. I think it's awesome bookstores that aren't a chain are open, host events, etc. But like I mentioned, I live in the middle of nowhere and there aren't any Indie Bound stores remotely close to me. I think the last time I did a search the nearest one was almost 5 hours away.

So basically, go support your local Borders this month!



Mrs. DeRaps said...

Phew. The one in my state is staying open. Sad, even though there are lots of great indie bookstores that may benefit from this closing. I don't know.

Patricia's Particularity said...

One of mine in Tucson unfortunately made the list - so the closest one is almost an hour away no (in traffic). Such a bummer!

prophecygirl said...

I feel so bad for all the people who work there. I worked in a UK branch for 2 and a half years, and they all closed on Xmas Eve 2009 :(

I still love Borders. It's such a shame things aren't going well in the US.

Unknown said...

There isn't a single Borders in Oregon on the list, looks like I'm safe. Here the big news is that Powell's (our local indie that happens to be the biggest indie bookstore in the world) just cut there retail staff from 440 to 410.

I rarely shop at Borders. But I'm still happy that the one near my office is staying open so I can buy a book on my lunch break if I need to.

Katie said...

Sadly my Borders is on the list. I am so sad. I am really happy I didn't actually get the job there like I wanted. I feel so bad for everyone who is losing their job from these closings. =[

Bethany said...

Awww :(
Borders is my main (sometimes only) book supplier. I go there so much that I have a freaking favorite cashier. It would be aweful if mine closed down.
... (I'm using this as a valid excuse to go there and buy a stack of books :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Amber <3 I'm going to send this post to my staff and share it with my DM. It means so much.


A.S. King said...

Rock on Amber.
I also live in the boonies. My local Borders was also on that list. I was SO RELIEVED to see the Exton store was not on that list. The Exton Mall Borders exemplifies what a bookstore should be like. Handselling. Knowledgeable, interested booksellers who know their customers.

I'm really sad for my local Borders staff. This is just awful for them.

Unknown said...

Great write up! I live in the Boonies like you. Almost an hour & a half to the nearest new or used bookstore. Although the WalMart 30 minutes up the road has surprised me on some books they shelf. Thanks for the link too, my nearest Borders is on the list. Sad, sad pitiful thing. Also last May when TN flooded, my nearest Barnes & Nobles flooded. It is still closed. You think Borders would have left their bookstore in the Nashville area alone.

Tales of Whimsy said...

B&N charges SO much. I like Borders more :)

Sad to hear about your store! :(

I think big stores will continue closing but over the years will see a rise in the small independent book shops again.

Marce said...

It is really sad. I don't live in the US but when I visit I always spend about 2 hours in there.

So many being affected by this economy :-(

Mandy said...

Unfortunately the one in my city is closing as well and the closest ones that aren't closing are over two hours away!

It is really sad that it is closing. I haven't actually been able to go into an actual Borders' store before because I didn't even know one existed in my city. I was always going to Books-a-Million.

But I have been going on their online store for a long time and I love it. I also love the fact they have free membership, which you don't see very often.

I hate how bad the economy is. :( Too many people are losing jobs and it is really hard to find jobs nowadays.

I am going to try and go at least once before they shut it down in my city. :( I've seen pictures of the inside of Borders' stores and I have to say that I love how the setup looks.