Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guest Post with Stacey Jay

Today I'm excited to have Stacey Jay here at JYTBB as part of her tour for her new book, The Locket!

Everyone has those moments in life where they wish they could go back and change something. Then there are some of us that don't want to undo a thing in our past. I asked Stacey if she could go back in time, what would she undo?

Wow. That’s hard. I’ve made so many mistakes…


No, but really, it’s true. I have made a lot of mistakes, but many of those mistakes have lead me to amazing things/people/truths that I would never want to live without. My mistakes have made me a better person, without a doubt.

But if I had to go back and change one thing, I’d go back to when I first married my second husband and became a full time stepmother to his two girls—then 11 and 7 years old—and get us all in a support group. Creating a harmonious, blended family is very hard and we had a lot of challenges to overcome together. I think we could have avoided a lot of angst by having other stepfamilies to talk to, and knowing that the growing pains we were experiencing were completely normal.

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Sab H. said...

Wow. That must really be hard. I always love your questions Amb!