Monday, April 13, 2009

I'd Verb His Noun

Welcome to our first edition of I'd Verb His Noun. This is a fun little meme that was inspired by this icon:

If you made this or know who did, please tell us so we can give full credit. Since we have no shame in being full character whores, here is a list of guys we loved from some of our favorite reads!

♥ Dexter ♥
--Who doesn't love a clumsy musician that comes flying onto your bedroom floor in the morning?

♥ Edward ♥
--Cheryl: Edward is GORGEOUS, DREAMY, HOT, AND YUM-O and...

♥ Jasper ♥
--Amber: Edward? Jacob? Pfft!! Gimme some Jasper Hale any day of the week!

♥ John After ♥
--Cause he's soo hot, just don't touch him while he's uniform!

♥ Wes ♥
--He's artsy, has a tattoo, a completly awesome guy, I need to say more here?


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I am more of a Jacob girl myself.

Edward is overrated!

prophecygirl said...

Brilliant post, ladies! I agree with all of them (though haven't read Going Too Far yet), especially Wes and Edward.

Cheryl - I'm right there with you on the parental advisory ;)

Rhonda Helms said...

LOL--nice!! I haven't read Going Too Far yet either, but I'm with you on the others.

I absolutely ADORED Wes in The Truth About Forever. He was an amazing character.

Unknown said...

FUN meme - definitely not what I had been expecting "I'd verb his noun" to be about, but even more awesome :)

Why do all the cute and perfect boys have to be fictional? :P

Katie said...

I would have picked all the same characters except Jasper. He just never really appealed to me. Sorry Amber!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

This is so much fun! I didn't like Twilight that much, so I didn't love the boys, but I agree on everyone else!

Jen said...

Im not an Ed fan ^_^ but I love The Truth about Forever