Monday, April 27, 2009

You Guys Rock Our Socks!

Over the past couple weeks we've received some awards, and we're terrible slackers about getting them posted back up. And now we're giving some out as well!

First, big thanks to Jenny from Wondrous Reads for having us as the blog of the week! You're awesome!!

Thank you Fantastic Book Review for giving us this one! You should swing by her site for the 5 Star Contest she's having!

Also Sarah from GreenBeanTeenQueen who works at a very kick butt library (I know because I use to go there all the time), gave us this one too! Also she's nominated for the YA Book Blog Awards that you should go check out and vote for!

Anndd LiyanaLand! gave us this to us too!! How awesome is that?!

Basically you give this award to 15 new bloggers, new blogging friends, or blogs you've recently discovered. But I'm being super lazy right now, and I'm only choosing 5 *big smile* So here are some awesome blogs we've come across this month that we ♥!

Cupcake Witch

Fantastic Book Review

Reviews of Young Adult Literature


ShadySide Snark

This award is for all those bloggers that leave you comments! (Because who doesn't love comments on their blogs?) Rules are to give it out to 5 blogs. We were given this by 50 For Jen and Insert Book Title who are both kick butt chicks, and you should go check out their blogs! We give this one to (and back to):

50 For Jen

Insert Book Title

Wondrous Reads


Bookworm Readers


Anonymous said...

Thank you! You guys totally rock!

Liyana said...

Thanks! :D And congrats!

Fantastic Book Review said...

Thanks you guys! You totally deserve the awards!!

Bookworm said...

Thanks so much! I'm honored! And I know...I'm totally crazy about commenting, I comment on EVERYTHING! LOL. Congrats to you, too! (:

Busy Bookblogger said...

Aww Thanks so much! And congrats on all the awards, you deserve them! :)