Friday, April 10, 2009

Miss Match by Wendy Toliver

Miss Match by Wendy Toliver

Released: February 2009
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Genre: Young Adult - Romantic Comedy
Pages: 288
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Rating: ♥♥♥

Sasha Finnegan has always had a knack for setting people up, and at sixteen, she's turned her talent into an online business, molding high school crushes into true love. But Sasha finds her toughest match yet when hottie Derek Urban asks her to set him up with Sasha's gorgeous sister, Maddie. It's not that Derek isn't a good catch. In fact, after spending so much time with him, Sasha can't help but think he's perfect -- for her, that is.

Can Sasha push her feelings aside for the sake of her business? Or has this miss finally found her match?


This is my first Simon Romantic Comedy, and I think I just found a new guilty pleasure.

The story is of Sasha, a witty teenager who started a dating business to help pay for repairs on her father's car she damaged while trying to park. The whole story of finding every one's loves was very cute. I really loved the character of Sasha, she was a ton of fun, quirky, and was very driven about her cupid playing job. She would stop at nothing - even stripping down to her bra and undies if she had too. (If you read the book, you will know what I'm talking about here, and I'm sure you cracked up just like I did.)

The other characters like her sister, Maddie and her best friend, Yas were also fun to read. Maddie would normally annoy me as a character, but with Sasha's narrating, I liked her a lot. Yas was the perfect best friend, and although some of their voices sounded the same sometimes, I still really enjoyed them. Having Derek Urban (who I nicknamed Urban Cowboy through it all), was another great character. Using Matthew McConaughey's southern drawl voice as a description gave him way more of an appeal since I heart that man. ;)

All in all this book was exactly what it was set out to be - a very cute and fun book. I would even suggest eating a bowl of ice cream while reading it.



Steph Su said...

I definitely agree that the Simon Romantic Comedy books are guilty pleasures. Thanks for the review! I'll look around for this book.

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Great review! I love the sound of this.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really good and the title is cute.

Great review!

Nora said...

I haven't read a simon romantic comedy in a while, but I definitely need to get back on them. Such fun reads, and this one sounds good. Thanks for the review!