Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Rocked the Drop! Did You?

I was going to buy a book for this occasion, but memory really sucks. Since book buying is limited in my small town, I went to my bookshelf and contemplated for a few minutes. (Books are like my children, and it's hard for me to part with them.) But I do have a lot of books that I have randomly picked up or won over the years that I haven't read yet. Finally I decided on Princess Mia by Meg Cabot and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Lynda Sandoval, Niki Burnham, Ellen Hopkins, and Terri Clark.

Then I headed to my hometown's library and rocked the drop!

So, this is my hometown's library. The building is only a few years old, it use to be located just around the corner. When I was in high school, Young Adult books were very hard to come by, and the library only had maybe a row of books to choose from. Now (and I wish I would have taken a picture) there is a full corner from floor to ceiling filled with YA books!

Here is one of the librarians - I'm pretty sure her name is Sarah - who I thanked a few times for letting me randomly take her picture for this event!

And that's the book plate that was pasted in both books!

I hope you all had a great Operation Teen Book Drop day! Don't forget to stop by readergirlz tonight for a chat, and see who else joined in!


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Unknown said...

Hi, it's Book Fanatic from Myspace. I finally got my blog up and running. I've added your page andlook forward to reading your reviews!