Friday, May 6, 2011

Unbreakable Bonds: Help For My Friend Chris

Chris with his family
Janet, Chris (black shirt up front), Ty, and Brandon 
I know this has nothing to do with books, but I am reaching out to the blogging community in hopes for a friend of mine. Chris Mooney, 26, has went through more than most will ever have to face in a life time. When he was 2 1/2 years old his mother, Janet Thompson, provided a kidney for his first transplant. That kidney held strong until he was bit by a tick and it almost caused him to die due to a disease it was carrying called Ehrlichiosis. He lost the transplant kidney his mother gave him and had severe seizures. He suffered temporary blindness and memory loss. Chris still has no memory of certain times in his life prior to the seizures. Chris went on hemo dialysis as soon as he was stable, and was treated for 3 years until he received his second kidney transplant from his father, Mike Mooney, when he was 13.

Now 13 years later, his kidney is going bad due to his spleen rupturing last year and an infection has set in. It has just taken its toll on him these past 7 months. He is extremely ill and in stage 4 renal failure. Brandon Winfrey, his older brother, is going in to be tested to see if he is a match for a kidney donation. If not, Chris will have to go on the donor list, which means he may not make it that long. His doctor said he is not a good candidate for dialysis this time around. So we hope and pray that Brandon will be a match.

Due to the extreme circumstances of Chris's health, his mother and his younger brother, Ty, are moving back to the states from their home in New Zealand to help take care of him. This is where I'm asking for YOUR help. I've known Chris since I was four years old. His mom used to babysit me, and I'm extremely close with a lot of his family. The funds will help in the cost of assisting the family in taking care of him.

Janet says, "I know we will make it work some how, heck we did it when he was a baby, we may not have had much, but we still had Chris with us to share life with." If you can't afford to help financially, prayers are always needed and appreciated! Also, posting the donation page on your facebook, your own blog, or even your twitter would really help out! If you have any questions, you can email my friend Cathryn at

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