Friday, July 9, 2010

Rock This! Thursday Interview with Simone Elkeles

You've been quite the busy lady this year with two different sequels - Rules of Attraction and Return to Paradise - coming out. Do you have a favorite between the two or is kind of like children, you just can't choose one?

There is no way, I could ever pick! I love the chemistry between Carlos and Kiara. Carlos lives his life on the edge and breaks rules whenever possible. When this bad boy is forced to live with good girl Kiara, he's met his match! It's just so unexpected for him to be challenged by shy Kiara, and I find it fascinating! (and hilarious) On the other hand, Caleb and Maggie have a truly deep love story. They are both fighting such strong demons, Caleb with a juvenile record and a dysfunctional family and Maggie with a new physical handicap and struggle to reinvent herself. I love seeing how they strengthen each other without necessarily meaning or wanting to help the other.

You're walking down the street - what song is following you?

True Companion by Marc Cohen-- just because it's my favorite and why wouldn't I want to hear my favorite song while I'm walking down the street!?

When writing any of your novels, did you have a playlist? If so, could you share a few songs with us?

You can find playlists I created fom Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction at However, I have to say that I had to add the song Hot N Cold by Katy Perry to the Rules of Attraction playlist because Katy Perry’s groom in that video, Alexander F. Rodriguez, played Alex Fuentes (the hero from Perfect Chemistry) in the book trailer I did – which was shot just like a movie trailer!

I was so excited to hear you were making a trilogy out of the Fuentes brothers. Did you find it hard to slip into Carlos's character?

Not really. I had to think about Alex's family a lot while writing Perfect Chemistry, so I felt like I already "knew" Carlos before starting Rules of Attraction. While Alex was good boy deep in his heart, Carlos is truly a bad boy with a good heart. Carlos was a terrifically fun character to write, because he could be such a jerk and get away with it because that’s who he is (of course it takes good girl Kiara Westford to turn him around). I love writing bad boys and the girls who love them. I’m very excited to start the third book in the trilogy – the hero will be Luis, the youngest Fuentes brother. He’s such a good boy, but he’s also a Fuentes so he’s got that bad boy streak just itching to come out!

Any hints of what is going to happen in Return to Paradise between Caleb and Maggie? And is this where their story ends or is there going to be a third book?

Return to Paradise will be the conclusion of Maggie and Caleb's story. After having some much needed time apart to grow and "find themselves," Maggie and Caleb will cross paths again. I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that those fans who have been begging for a happy ending for these two will not be disappointed. . .

Your favorite band/artist? Why are they your favorite?

Pat McCurdy. . . he is a local musician/comedian in Chicago.

You're given one golden ticket to see ANY band from ANY decade. The only catch is that you have to take one of your characters with you. Who are taking and who are you two going to see?

I'm not sure who I would see, but I would have to break the rules and take two characters: Alex (as played by Alexander F. Rodriguez) and Carlos (as played by Giancarlo Vidrio)! I met Alexander and Giancarlo when they were filming my book trailer for Rules of Attraction, and let's just say I would go see any band just as long as they were with me! Check out my book trailer and I bet you will agree with me!

What song do you think would make a great novel?

I think it's too hard to narrow it down to just one song. I have sixteen songs posted on my playlist for Perfect Chemistry and you should have seen the list I started with! It took me forever to narrow it down! Although, I have to say I think "Here" by Enrique Iglesias is a great song for a love scene.

Have you experienced any 'rock star' writing moments?

Whenever I do a book signing, my fans make me feel like a rock star! Some are so excited to get my autograph and tell me their favorite scenes in my books. It's totally surreal and awesome! I love my fans. They are the reason I keep writing.

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If you want to learn more about Simone's books check out her website. You can also see my reviews of Perfect Chemistryand Rules of Attraction.



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