Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rock This! Thursday: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

Normally I feature a book or an author for Rock This! Thursday, but this week I've got something new for you guys. Now before you go running when you see the word fanfiction - hear me out here.

Some of you (okay, most of you) probably don't know this, but I used to write fanfiction. I loved it. It's a great way for writers to put their work out there, and hey most of the characters are already developed for you. The fanfiction I mainly wrote and read were based on Garrett Hedlund movies.  (Look this kid up. He's going to be HUGE!)

Because of this fangirl way of mine, I've had the pleasure of not only reading some great stories but making friends with these amazing talented writers. One of them is named Laura aka Maxiekat and I'm featuring her story today.

Summary: A chance meeting at a NYC coffee shop leads to old friends reconnecting. Jack hasn't seen Kathy in years. Back when they were teens, she had a huge crush on him, but he was a tough kid and she was nerdy and shy. Would things be different this time around?

You don't necessarily have to watch Four Brothers to read this. (Though you should watch it because it was a great movie. If you haven't seen it, there will be some spoilers, but this is not based on the movie at all.) Laura took the character of Jack *sighs*, threw in her own main character, Kathy, along with a few minor characters (*waves at Steve*) and created such a wonderful and fantastic story.

The setting is based on one night in New York with flashbacks that weave the two characters history together. I cannot praise Laura's writing enough. She is SO talented, and I will not be surprised when she one day gets published. Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk will make you laugh, make you get teary eyed, break your heart, and make you smile. Seriously guys, click the link under the banner and go check it out. You will not be disappointed!



Laura said...

Amber, thank you so much. Never in a million years did I think my story would be featured on a blog, much less one as awesome as yours. It means so much and I swear I'll write a special Steve story just for you :)

You rock!

<3 Laura

Dani. said...

Yay for fanfiction! And I love that title Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk- plus it sounds really cool too! :)

Llehn said...

That is an awesome title!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Llehn, great title.. You don't see things that are so common used in such an awesome way!!