Sunday, October 25, 2009

Review - Family Affair by Caprice Crane

Family Affair by Caprice Crane

Released: September 2009
Publisher: Bantam
Genre: Adult - Women's Fiction
Pages: 368

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

When Layla Brennan married her high school sweetheart, Brett Foster, she finally got the big, loving family she’d always wanted: his. Now she’s closer to Brett’s parents than he is, partners with his sister in a successful pet-photography business, and confidant to his younger brother. She couldn’t be more of a Foster if she’d been born one. There’s just one problem: Brett wants a divorce. Stunned and heartbroken, Layla turns to the Fosters for comfort, only to realize that losing Brett means losing them as well. What else can she do but sue him for the most valuable thing he’s got–namely, his family. Breaking up may be hard to do, but for Layla and Brett it’s even harder to undo.


The words hilarious, heart warming, fun, and flat out wonderful first come to mind when I think of Family Affair. Caprice Crane knows how to write a story with such unique characters and wild antics that make me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants.

When I cracked open the book, I will admit, the first couple chapters that involved Layla didn't really grab me like normal. But things quickly took off and just kept getting better and better. I was a little sketchy about having some many different characters telling the story, but Crane did it perfectly. I think that's what really made this story stand out was hearing both Layla and Brett's side of view. With an added bonus of knowing what the family was going through as well.

I loved how this novel portrayed that one perfect couple from high school and how un-perfect their lives can easily be. I cannot say enough how the dynamics of the family really just made this story all it was. There were so many hilarious stunts Layla and Brett both pulled to try and grab the family's attention.  Or the things they did just to get someone to be on their side. If you've never read one of Caprice Crane's novels, you are missing out! Each one just gets better and better.



Thao said...

Ive not read any adult books for a long time. Maybe I'll pick up this one.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review. Love the doggy.