Saturday, October 31, 2009

Come with us and you will see, this our town of Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

Whether you're going trick-or-treating, heading to a haunted house, watching scary movies, going to a party, passing out candy - whatever you're planning to do, I hope you have a blast! 

One thing I love about Halloween is the movies!  This month seemed to fly so I didn't get to watch all my favorites.  But I wanted to share a list of some of them and why I heart them so.  (I didn't put them in a patricular order either.) 

Nightmare on Elm Street – Unless you’ve lived under a rock then you’re well aware who Freddy is. Freddy scared the living crap out of me. I used to have nightmares after watching the first movie at a friend’s house. I couldn’t watch this again until I was twenty. The only reason why I did it was because Johnny Deep is in it.  I was all proud of myself that I made it through that I gav “The Final Nightmare”a try.
....Yea, that sucker got shut off halfway through.  If you can watch these movies, you are a brave soul.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Before you start laughing, hear me out here. Imagine being five years old and thinking some psycho clown is going to stick you in a balloon cocoon and suck the life out of you with a crazy fun straw. That is terrifying my friend, absolutely terrifying.

Lost Boys – Best. Vampire. Movie. Ever.

Witchboard – If you’ve ever messed around with an Ouija board, you know that eerie feeling you got when the thing started moving?  Try watching a whole movie based on it.  Is it cheesy?  Well, yes.  But it still makes me jump.

Poltergeist“Carol Anne, Carol Anne, where are you, Carol Anne?” The whole series is good, but nothing beats the first one. Maggot meat anyone?

I do have a family story to share with this.  When my older sister was about four years old (and she's going to kill me once she sees that I posted this), this was her movie. She used to crawl under her bed and watch the thing over and over again. One day she came into the living room with her baby doll in her hands.  Not a big deal except the baby doll had a butter knife shoved in its butt.

The Ring – This movie didn’t make me scream, but it freaked me the hell out!  Don't even act like you didn't get goosebumps when that girl climbed out of the TV with her limbs going all crazy like!  I wouldn't bother with the sequel though, that sucked.

IT – I cannot read a Stephen King novel to save my life. (Sorry Cheryl!!) But I do enjoy the movies that are based off his books. Pennywise takes the cake on scary freakin’ clowns.  “Everyone floats down here fat boy, muahaha!”

Pet Sematary – I’m not really an animal person. So undead animals are high up there on the creep factor. Even more freaky is how Gage is the most adorable little kid ever then turns into a zombie psycho. 

Amityville Horror (remake) – The original was good, but for once I liked the remake better. Haunted houses are the biggest freak factor for me.  (Plus did you see Ryan Reynolds getting out of that bathrub? *melts*)

Saw 1 & 2 - Not exactly a film where things jump out and scream, “Boo!” But it does the trick on the freak meter. When you think of all those psychotic people running around doing this kind of stuff, it really creeps you out. I never watched the rest of them though. Fifteen minutes into the 3rd one and I was about to vomit everywhere. 

House of Wax – Screw you, I liked this film! When it came out I thought it was going to one of those movies I would sit back and poke fun of.  But I ended up loving it!  I mean c’mon, Chad Michael Murry and Jared Padalecki together? Hot! Also the whole ankle getting sliced opened and the scene where the killer cuts a finger off - *shivers*

Halloween Town – Oh those Disney Channel originals. This movie makes me feel like a kid again. I would love to live in Halloween Town.

Casper – Back when this movie came out, I probably watched it a million times.  A lot of that had to do with my love for Casper and my obsession with Devon Sawa.  

Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton is the man. The songs are awesome (hint my title of this post). I love the animation.  And the bonus - it serves as a Christmas movie too!

Hocus Pocus – Leave it to a virgin to light a candle, and bring back three kick arse witches to Salem. Now three kids and a talking cat (who is awesome) have to save the town before the witches suck the life out of all the children. When I watched this movie when I was little, I wanted to be a witch so badly.

Troll 2 – Okay, it’s not scary…at all. It’s probably…okay, it is just about one of the worst horror movies ever made. Nothing like a dead grandpa to warn you about the evil goblins that are lurking around the town of, Nilbog…wait a second…Nilbog? Well, that’s goblin spelled backwards! Oh the horror! (Yes, you will be laughing your face off when you watch this.)

Practical Magic – This is one of my favorite movies in general. I love the aunts. I love the sisterly bound between Sally and Gillian. The plot is great. The house they live in is my dream house, and it’s just awesome! Go watch it!

Now I'm off to go trick-or-treating with these boys...


(.....Okay, that's an obvious lie.  But I am taking my niece trick-or-treating.  She's dressing up as Alice from Twilight.  I know, she's awesome.)



Donna (Bites) said...

A million and one points to you for naming The Lost Boys as the best vampire movie ever.

And KKfOS freaked me the hell out and destroyed clowns for me. I was about 7 or 8 when I saw the movie. Totally damaging. I still won't watch it (or It, for that matter) now. Nope. Cheese it may be, but not when you're still in single digits.

Brodie said...

Heehee, you're a Supernatural fan! I officially LOVE you. Now where can we get a pair of hot priests like that....

Hah, I used to love watching the Freddy Krueger movies when I was younger! Although I always acted tougher than I felt while watching horror movies!