Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

Release Date: Janurary 2010

Climbing to the top of the social ladder is hard – falling from it is even harder. Regina Afton used to be a member of the Fearsome Fivesome. And just like the other members of this all girl clique, she was both feared and revered by the students of Hallowell High… that is until vicious rumors about her and her best friend’s boyfriend start going around. Now she’s been “frozen out” and her ex-friends are out for revenge. If Regina was guilty, it would be one thing, but the rumors are far from the terrifying truth, and the bullying is getting more intense by the day.

Out of desperation, she takes solace in the companionship of Michael Hayden, a misfit with a tragic past who she herself used to bully. Friendship–and eventually romance – doesn’t come easily for these onetime enemies, and as Regina makes amends for her past, a bond begins to form, while threats from the Fearsome Foursome are poised to break them both.


When I saw Courtney had posted the cover of her new book on her blog, I had to make sure I did a WOW post with it. It just looks awesome!  I absolutely loved (and highly recommend everyone go read) her first novel, Cracked Up To Be. I've been anxious to see what kind of story line, and characters were up her sleeve next. While I was stalking Courtney's blog some more, I saw a quote from What Claudia Wore saying, "Some Girls Are make Cracked Up To Be look like My Little Pony." o_O!! I'm sold. I need it to be January like yesterday so I can devour this book.



Sab H. said...

I hadn't heard of this one! Nice pick!! I'm adding it to the ever growing TBR!

A Passion For Books said...

I just love the cover. I can't wait to read this either. Its on my wishlist already. Great pick.

Cecelia said...

Hadn't heard of this. Looks like fun!

Tales of Whimsy said...

This cover has great color.

Thao said...

Oh God I LOVE LOVE the cover!

courtney summers said...

Thank you so much for WoWing this, Amber! I'm so glad you dig the cover. :)

Jordyn said...

Ah! I can't wait for this book. I was all SQUEEEE!!! when I saw the cover. It's an amazing cover, I love it. And Courtney Summers is such a great writer. WANT. RIGHT NOW.