Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Vampire Dairies by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Genre: Young Adult - Paranormal - Romance
Publisher:  HarperTeen
Pages: 512

Grade: D

When I watched this preview for the show, I was all set on reading the series. Overall though, I wasn't too impressed.  Maybe if I would have read it during my Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine days, I might have have liked it.

Head's Up: This review is only for Book One: The Awakening and it contains spoilers!

I had some problems with Elena. She’s this beautiful popular girl everyone envies. It’s mentioned in the beginning she’s an ice queen. So I was prepared to read about a mean girl. I have no problem with a mean girls. Sometimes they give a nice spin on things, but Elena wasn’t one. She really didn’t have a personality besides being whiny, annoying, and selfish.

When she spots new boy, Stefan, she decides she has to have him. Stefan wants no part of her since she looks just like the love his life, Catherine, who’s been dead for a long time. Because he ignores Elena (in front of everyone) it’s the end of the world to her. I didn’t understand it because they never talked.  The only thing she likes about him is his looks. Since she's got it in her head he must be her boyfriend, she tries a bunch of times to make him jealous, but he still isn’t giving her the time of day. When she gets attacked in a graveyard suddenly he’s there saving her.

After that night, they're a couple. Their whole relationship was too rushed for me, and by the end of the book, I still didn't see any chemistry between them.  But anyhoo, Elena runs into another mystery guy who turns out to be Stefan’s brother, Damon. He's the bad guy to the story. (My sister couldn’t help but roll her eyes and yell out a, “You would!” when I said I liked him.) With him back in the picture, it makes things tricky with Stefan especially when he starts messing with Elena. 

After Stefan’s past is revealed (the only part I found half way interesting), and a bunch of murders happen – the plot kicks in from there.  It does make for a fast read which some people might like, but I couldn't get past how flat the characters were to contiune it. I think I’ll just stick to the TV show, and see what happens with it.



Tales of Whimsy said...

Honest review. Thank you.

Cecelia said...

Ah...too bad! I was thinking I'd read the series and have a leg up on what happens in the show, like I do now with True Blood. :-) Thanks for sharing your review!

prophecygirl said...

I haven't read any of these yet, so thanks for the review!

I wonder if this will be a case of the TV show being better?

suzie townsend said...

interesting...thanks for the review. I have a copy of this and will read it soon, but I'm just not that psyched for it.

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I still haven't reviewed this book, mainly because I don't know what to say about it! I agree with most of what you said, and yet, I enjoyed it enough to go through the first 4 books and buying the fifth. What's wrong with me?

Unknown said...

Hi Amber!

This is on my to read list. I like the show, and want to give the books a try. Wow, Elena is sure different in the show.

Dottie :)

Blondie said...

Sister you know I liked the books but yes what you said is true. And you know I will buy the next one when it comes out just to see what happens. lol

Hopeless Romantic said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who felt that way about this book.

I can't even bring myself to buy the second book. I'm so glad they changed most of everything for the TV show, because if they hadn't, it wouldn't even be watchable.