Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock This! Thursday Giveaway

Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Annabel Greene is the girl who has everything. At least, that's what she portrays in her modeling shoots. But Annabel's life is far from perfect. Her friendship with Sophie ended bitterly, and her older sister's eating disorder is weighing down the entire family. Isolated and ostracized at school and at home, Annabel retreats into silent acceptance. Then she meets Owen - intense, music-obsessed, and determined to always tell the truth. And with his guidance, Annabel learns to just listen to herself and gains the courage to speak honestly. But will she be able to tell everyone what really happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends?

I know it's not Thursday, but I think this giveaway is enough to forgive me right? I thought so. I didn't post this yesterday because I was hanging out with a friend that was visiting from out of state and....I got in a copy of Along for the Ride! Of course I was busy reading that. My review will be up tomorrow.

One thing Sarah Dessen is good at is writing boy characters that make me sigh. Owen is one of them. One of my favorite things about him is of course his love for music. Though Owen listens to some stuff I would have never considered music.

I am not a music snob. I will listen to everything and anything, but my favorite type has and probably will always be rock. I was trying to think of some type of music I listen to that would be considered kind of out there or oddball like, and the only thing I could come up with is the oldies. I know it's not in the 'Owen sense of music', but it does surprise a few people I listen to it. Especially Buddy Holly. I heart his music and love listening to it while I'm cleaning. So if you would like to win a copy of Just Listen do one of the following:

Give me a top 5 song list that completely rocks your socks


Tell me a band or musician that is your oddball

Don't forget to leave your email address along with one of the above for your entry to count.

Extra entries:

+1 for becoming a new follower

+2 for being a follower prior to this post

+1 if you link this contest somewhere (as many as you want, just leave me the link in your comment)

+3 if you do a 5 song list and tell your oddball music

PS - I hit some good deals and now all of Sarah Dessen's novels will be given away this month! Click the pic right there ----> (top right corner for when this post gets booted down) to see how you can score an extra five entries on one of her books or how you might have already.

Contest will be ending June 18th by 9 pm central time and is only open to those with a US or Canada mailing address.



Erica said...

I love Sarah Dessen's books!!!

I was already a follower

and my "oddball" music would probably be They Might Be Giants

Top 5 song list:
The Guillotine - Escape the Fate
The Good Left Undone - Rise Against
Shameful - Atreyu
Antidote for Irony - So They Say
Learn to Fly - Foo Fights

:) Erica

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I've wanted to read this one FOR EVER NOW. I'd love to be entered.

-was already a follower.

My oddball music? Well, I'm really into pop/rock kind of stuff so for me, people would probably be surprised to learn that I like Eminem, so that's mine I guess.

5 Song List that Rocks my Socks? This is hard, so about songs that I'm loving now?

1.Bad Things by Jace Everett (theme song for True Blood)

2.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Miley Cyrus remake)

3. Society by Eddie Vedder (from the movie Into the Wild. LOVE IT)

4. Nineteen by Tegan and Sara


5. Know Your Enemy by Green Day

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

I was already a follower in Google Reader. Ok, not sure if odd ball or just showing my age but I love Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

Summer said...

Cool contest

+2 follower

My oddball music thing is I love Jay Sean. He's cool.

Busy Bookblogger said...

This was the first Sarah Dessen book I ever read and it's still my fave, but I haven't picked it up!

+2 I was already following

+1 Linked to my sidebar at

+3 My music oddball is Dave Matthews, I can't explain it, I just love him. my top 5 is:

1. Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park
2. All Around Me - Flyleaf
3. Pretty much anything by Paramore
4. I will Follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie
5. You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift

Great contest!


Ann Diana Dinh, said...

Ah, I love Sarah Dessen books! And I'm already following.

My oddball music would be Jonas Brothers. Everybody is just like "why do you listen to them? They suck" but I really like them for some odd reason.

Top 5 (for now):
Crush - David Archuleta
No Air (duet with Chris Brown) - Jordin Sparks
Superhuman (Feat. Keri Hilson) - Chris Brown
Broken Strings (Feat. Nelly Furtado) - James Morrison
Wanna Love You Girl (Feat. Pharrell) - Robin Thicke


Thao said...

Please enter me, I'm already a follower :D

my top 5 songs:

Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat
The Show - Lenka
Heartless - Kris Allen
Mote To God - Charice
Indigo - Yiruma

Eli said...

Great contest!
+2 I was already a follower--!

My top 5 songs are:

1-Haru Haru by Big Bang
2-Namida Drop by Plastic Tree
3-Dear by D'espairsray
4-Kekkonshiki no Uta by Miyavi
5-Maple Gunman by Antique Cafe

And my Oddball music is probably Dollis Marry. I just love the song Mr. Romantic... haha.

WhatBriReads said...

+2 already a follower

+1 posted link on sidebar of my blog :)

+3 my oddball music would probably be like.. Lady Gaga or something. Haha. I don't love her, but I like a couple songs a lot, and I don't typically listen to that kind of stuff.

And it's really hard for me to make an overall top 5, so songs that I've been listening to a lot lately are:

1. Love Me Dead by Ludo
2. Help I'm Alive by Metric
3. Pork and Beans by Weezer
4. Not The Sun by Brand New
5. Ain't No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant



Anonymous said...

+2 Already a follower

+3 my favorite songs are (not in order):
1. Hair of the Dog- Nazareth
2. Sweet Emotion- Aerosmith
3. Walk this Way- Aerosmith
4. Sacred Trickster- Sonic Youth
5. Burn Black- Hole

Sandy said...

*already a follower

*My five favorite songs are:
1. Lovestoned-Justin Timberlake
2. Killer Queen-Queen
3. Whenever, wherever-Shakira
4. Me Enamora-Juanes
5. Fidelity-Regina Spektor

*My oddball music....probably Shakira. Whenever I say she is one of my favorite artists, people look at me and their expressions are like, WHAT? I like her musical style and she's a genius. What's not to love?

Cindy said...

I so want this book :)

+2 already a follower
+3 Favorite songs:
1. Sometime Around Midnight -Airborne Toxic Event
2. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
3. Hey There, Delilah - Plain White T's
4. Infinity - Inara George
5. Minha Galera - Manu Chao

*Oddball: Elvis Presley :)


Unknown said...

Top 5 songs:

Mean by Pink
Bad Influence by Pink
Love Stoned by Justin Timberlake
What's Your Fantasy by Ludacris
Like A 24 by Twista


Unknown said...

Already a follower


scottsgal said...

I'm just starting to read her books - this one sounds good.

+2 already a follower

oddball music - love, love, love Kenny Chesney

cstironkat said...

Here is my favorite 5 oddball list.
1. Three little birds by Bob Marley
2. Remember the Heros by Sammy Hagar
3. 1985 by Bowling for Soup
4. Barbie Girl by Aqua
5. Man, I feel like a woman by Shania Twain

JJ said...
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JJ said...

+2 Follower

+3 5 oddball list:

1. Slow Fade by Casting Crowns
2. I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me
3. Shine by The Newsboys
4. Lose My Soul by Toby Mac
5. I Love You So by Golden State

gahome2mom at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I'd really enjoy winning this book, sounds like a fun read :)

And here's my top 5 list:
Get Low - Flow Rida
Miami - Will Smith
Real Slim Shady - Eminem
Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
Love Rollercoaster - Red Hot Chili Peppers

My fav oddball musician - David Essex

Belinda M said...

+1 I am a new follower

+1 I have linked this giveaway here

My 5 song list the rocks my socks

1. Never too late - Hedley
2. Know Your Enemy - Green Day
3. Waking Up In Vegas - Katey Perry
4. Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback
5. You're gonna go far kid - The Offspring

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:"


jemscout425 said...

american girl-tom petty
it's the end of the world-rem
i want to be sedated=the ramoanes
wolf like me- tv on the radio
everlong-foo fighters

Heather S said...

+2 for already following!
I listen to country so I'm not sure you'll be too interested...
1. White Horse- Taylor Swift
2. Fall- Clay Walker
3. Rumor Has It- Clay Walker
4. Tears- Jason Michael Carroll
5. I wonder- Kellie Pickler
6. One Last Time- Kellie Pickler

Because those are my 6 favorite songs of all time. Listen to I wonder and it's my mother's and I story EXACTLY (Except my grandma didn't raise me)Sad SONG!! Thanks

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

L said...

I'm already a follower.

Oddball list:
1.Fake it by seether cream freeze by hannah montana
3.make damn sure by taking back sunday games by lady gaga
5.You're gonna go far kid by the offspring


~The Book Pixie said...

Hey Heather, I like country too. lol. Those are some great songs. I have so many favorites though. Since it says songs that rock my socks, I'm gonna go with the rock/alternative genre and choose from there.

1. Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas
2. Basically everything by Paramore
3. Breathe(2am) by Anna Nalick
4. Hollywood's Not America by Ferras
5. Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

For the oddball, I choose Celtic Thunder. I love them and I don't know anyone else who has listened or even heard of them.

+1 for posting link in sidebar
+2 was already a follower
+3 did 5 song list and oddball music.

Great contest!

Briana :D

Valerie said...

Oddball: Darren Hayes

Top 5
Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns
Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna
Happy Together by The Turtles
Swim by Jack's Mannequin
Funeral Song by The Rasmus

KawaiiNeko2008 at aol dot com

A Reader said...

1)Moonlight Mile - Rolling Stones;
2)Tunnel of Love- Bruce Springsteen
3) How Bout Us- Champagne
4) Don't Stop Believin- Journey
5) The Long Run- The Eagles

Thanks for the giveaway!

A Reader said...

Follower (liane66)

Anonymous said...

I think my oddball might have to be Britney Spears. I like her music, but I sure don't like to admit it!

ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

Liz said...

I would love to win this book!

+2 Already a follower


Miranda Ward said...

looks like a great book

Anonymous said...

My oddball musician is Kanye West. Most of my other music is rock and oldies!

1. What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie
2. Across the Universe - The Beatles
3. The Saltwater Room - Owl City
4. West Coast - Coconut Records
5. Fidelity - Regina Spektor

I became a follower before you made this post, and I linked this on my sidebar (


Belinda said...

I love metal and blues buy I have a weak spot for Yanni.
1bmore @ gmail . com

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

My oddball band would have to be Phish!

heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Blog follower!

heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

I blogged here:

heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

Kaizen Fashion Project said...


heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

Mandy said...

+1 for becoming a new follower

5 Song Playlist:
1.Your Crashing But Your No Wave - Fall Out Boy
2.The Lock Down Denial - Cute is What We Aim For
3.We'll Be O.K. - Bayside
4.Body Language And Bad Habits - Just Surrender
5.Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Oddball: Sing It Loud

Sheila Hickmon said...

My top 5... this might be difficult!
1. Freebird~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Better than me~ Hinder
3. Breath~ Breaking Benjamin
4. Lightning Crashes~ Live
5. Savin' Me~ Nickelback

Wasn't as hard as I thought!

My oddball would have to The Climb by Miley Cyrus, I love rock music, but that song gets to me.

Im a follower now!
Thanks for the giveaway!
hawkgirl_16 at hotmail dot com

Max Brown said...

I'd love to enter!!!! I need to read this sooo badly.

+1 New follower.
+2 Linked in blog post and sidebar.
+3 My 5 song list (right now. It changes on a daily basis).

1. Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat
2. Ain't No Sunshine - Kris Allen :)
3. Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
4. Daughters - John Mayer
5. Upside Down - Jack Johnson

+5 for the extravaganza referral thing.

My email is