Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dessen Boys and Along for the Ride Winner!

First, Happy Release Day to Sarah Dessen!

Before I get to the winner, I want to thank everyone for entering and still entering in this month's giveaways. One of the extra entries questions was to tell which guy character you liked most out of her books. Going through them all it seems that Dexter (chea!), Wes, and Owen were the most popular hits. A lot of people were torn between either Dexter or Wes or Owen and Wes or Dexter and Owen or even all three! I tallied up all the entries (even counting the ones that almost couldn't choose) and thought I'd share the votes for you.

It didn't really surprise me because I know how big of a hit this certain book was. The number one Dessen boy is...

Wes with 21 votes!

As I continued to tally them up, I was getting giddy because Dexter was looking like he'd take second place, but the last couple of entries all went to another music man so the number two Dessen boy is....

Owen with 16 votes!

Then my boy Dexter came tumbling in with 14 votes! So, so very close!

There was one vote for Nate from Lock & Key. Another vote for Macon based off the How to Deal movie. (For those that haven't seen it, the movie ties Someone Like You and That Summer together.) I do believe I liked Macon a lot better in the movie than in Someone Like You. Sadly, no love for Nelson from Keeping the Moon. And I wasn't really surprised that no votes were cast for Rogerson or Sumner.

Thanks to everyone that added in their comments, it was fun reading them!

Okay, now I'll get onto the part everyone cares about. There were 202 valid entries which is the biggest number of people we've had for a giveaway here. Picked by random.org, the winner of Along for the Ride is....

(insert drum roll here)


Yay, congrats! Please make sure to check your spam folder just in case, and you have until Thursday night to get back to me.

If you didn't win, I really recommend going out and buying a copy. It's a very good read, see my review here. Also we still have Just Listen and Keeping the Moon up for grabs, and another giveaway will be posted soon.


Cindy said...

aww :) congrats!

Steph Su said...

What?? How can you NOT love Dexter?? <3 Okay, but Wes is pretty awesome as well. And I'm sure that after I read AftR I'm going to have a new crush too.. hehe

♔ jessica.marie said...

Congrats trublu93! I am very jealous! ^_^