Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!

Today is my awesome friend/muse/writing buddy/fellow co-blogger, Cheryl's birthday!! To celebrate I decided to throw her a kick butt party here at the blog!

Let's see who's all stopping by, shall we?

M. Shawdows aka Matt aka Kevin (hehe!)

M. Shadows has to rock out for the party, so he brought the rest of the boys from Avenged Sevenfold along.

Well lookie here, even Seether decided to join in on the festivities. (By the way, I will be kidnapping Shaun after they get done with their set.)

And of course adorable Tennessee Boy and his accent jumped at the chance to come party!

Garrett and his butt pose will also be hanging out - frozen just like that for eye candy purposes.

Just in case if some some scary supernatural stuff goes down, I invited Sam (who will not be sucking on any demon blood) and Dean.

*cough Derk & Dean cough*

And for uh....Sick && Twisted reasons....Billy Darley stopped by.

No party would be complete without a third class rockstar! Hellooooo Jackie!

Well it looks like all the guests have arrived to rock out for Cheryl's birthday! So everyone don't forget to leave a comment....wait a minute....*counts heads*....I'm forgetting someone here....*taps chins*....Ohhhh yess..

Edward Cullen!!!!!!

*looks over and Sam & Dean* Simma down boys, he's one of those good vamps that sparkle!

(I don't think they even noticed.)

Hope you have an awesome birthday Cheryl!!!


prophecygirl said...

Happy Birthday, Cheryl! May's the best month for a birthday eh? :P

Oh, and hello Edward! Here's hoping Sam and Dean leave you alone long enough to wish Cheryl a happy b-day!

Iryna said...

Whenever it's someone's birthday, instead of saying "Happy Birthday", I say "Merry Christmas". So - you guessed it! - I hope you have a Merry Christmas! :D

. . . and get lots of books!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! And those are some pretty hot guests you have there haha. =D