Saturday, June 18, 2011

In My Mailbox

For Review:

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.

So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father's mysterious and deadly athame, Cas travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat. Together they follow legends and local lore, trying to keep up with the murderous dead—keeping pesky things like the future and friends at bay.

When they arrive in a new town in search of a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas doesn't expect anything outside of the ordinary: track, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he's never faced before. She still wears the dress she wore on the day of her brutal murder in 1958: once white, now stained red and dripping with blood. Since her death, Anna has killed any and every person who has dared to step into the deserted Victorian she used to call home.

But she, for whatever reason, spares Cas's life.


Fair Game by Elizabeth White

Jana Cutrere's homecoming to Vancleave, Mississippi, is anything but dull. Before she's even reached town, the beautiful young widow has a run-in with a stray cow, loses her son in the woods, rescues an injured fawn, and comes face-to-face with Grant Gonzales, her high school crush.

Grant recently returned to town himself amid hushed controversy. His only plan: leave the corporate world behind and open a hunting reserve. Seeing Jana again ignites old memories . . . and a painful past.Tensions boil over when he learns exactly why she returned. Jana plans to convince her grandfather to develop a wildlife rescue center-dead center on the prime hunting property he promised to sell to Grant!

Jana is determined to make a new start for herself and her two children-and willing to fight for it. With deadlines drawing near for the sale of the property and no decision from her grandfather, can Jana trust God with her and Grant's future, or will explosive emotions and diametrically opposing views tear them apart?

That's it for me this week! What did you guys get?



Sab H. said...

Ooooo I want to read Anna Dressen in BLOOD! :) Lemme know what ya think ;)

Kristen said...

Anna Dressed in Blood looks reallly good! Can't wait for your review on it!

Kelly said...

Anna Dressed in Blood sounds so good. I can't wait to read it. Happy reading!

prophecygirl said...

Anna Dressed in Blood looks awesome! What a cool cover and an intriguing synopsis. I'll just be adding that to my wishlist :)

Happy happy reading!

Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Those look awesome! I hope you enjoy them! Check out My IMM if you get the chance! Happy reading!

-Jessica (Peace Love Books)

Alison Can Read said...

Great set! I can't wait to read Anna Dressed in Blood.
New Twitter follower. Old GFC follower.

Unknown said...

Woah,Anna Dressed In Blood looks amazing. I can not wait to read it! The cover is Wow!
Really nice blog!
To stop by mine MY IMM

Holly ^-^

Tales of Whimsy said...

ADIB looks SO good.

Unknown said...

So how much do I want to read Anna Dressed In Blood?! Like TOO MUCH, I'm actually going to be a part of a book tour for this one and I kinda can't wait to read it. I'm totally excited about it. Hee. ;)

Great, IMM!

Suz @ A Soul Unsung
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cheryl said...

Now, since I'm the horror person when I heard about Anna Dressed in Blood and how it actually scared people when reading it I about squeaked. I can't wait to see if it does anything for me. Other than some scary short stories, nothing I read has ever made me scared. Well, no thats a lie. IT did make me a little nervous. The whole clown thing...