Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rock This! Thursday with Behind Yellow Eyes

Rock This! Thursday is a weekly feature I have where I discuss books that are about or centered around one thing I love the most: MUSIC! Once in a while I'll even throw in a concert story, a band/artist you should hear, or feature bloggers and authors in an interview.

Today Gina from Behind Yellow Eyes with us to discuss books and music!

Tell us a little bit about your blog.
Behind Yellow Eyes is a fan site for Maggie Stiefvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls series. We blog about the books, movie, and Maggie!

You're walking down the street - what song is following you?
Oh the song I always think of when I'm walking down the street-seriously-is "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve. The song is really long. And it just sounds like the kind of song you'd hear following you down the street. Like my own personal soundtrack. Also, the video is awesome. It's literally the lead singer walking down a city street, bumping into people. I've secretly always wanted to try doing that :)

Ha! Back when that song first came out, my friends and I attempted to run into people while walking down the street. But I grew up in a small town so there wasn't many people to really run into - not like in the video at least! I know we're only four months into the year, but what have been your favorite reads so far?
Hands down, WITHER. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to sing the praises of this book. It's absolutely amazing, and everyone should read it.

Who is your favorite band or singer? Why are they your favorite?
My favorite band has to be Incubus. I love the fact that their music has so much variety. Some songs are really intense and others are mellow and melodic. Their lyrics are so poetic and there's a lot of meaning behind them. I feel like they're in it for the real art of creating music, and that's huge for me.

Love me some Incubus. Do you have any authors on your instant-buy list?
Well, besides Maggie Stiefvater's books, I'm pretty sure from now on I'll buy anything Lauren DeStefano writes. I also really like Alyson Noel, Lauren Kate, and Stephanie Perkins.

What is one song you've overplayed worse than a Top 40 Station?
"Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. That song is so catchy and it just gets stuck in your head-no pun intended! I still play that song a lot-it's great fun to sing along to in the car.

I know in the blogging world we all get caught up with what's coming out next. What are some books you think have been overlooked over the past couple years?
I'm going to cheat here and say Maggie's BALLAD and LAMENT. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series has gotten a lot of attention, which has brought more attention to these two. But they need more! They're really good!

I still need to read those! What's your all-time favorite genre?
Rock. Definitely rock. Nothing better.

Amen! Your least favorite genre?
Not a big fan of rap or techno.

You're given two golden concert tickets to go see any band from any decade. The only catch is that you have to take a character from a book. Who are you taking and who are you two going to go see?
Oh this is a really tough one! I think I'm going to surprise people and pick James from BALLAD and LAMENT. He's such a funny, quirky, kick-butt character and he appreciates music. I'd have an awesome time with him. I think we'd have to go see a back in the day Beatles concert.

Thanks for stopping by, Gina! Everyone make sure to go check out her site.



Ann Summerville said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on my interview over at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing! Also - I LOVE the idea of a weekly feature surrounding books and music, two of my favorite things! I don't think I've ever seen that before.