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Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors

Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors

Released: January 2011
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult - Contemporary
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

When you're the daughter of the bestselling Queen of Romance, life should be pretty good. But 16-year-old Alice Amorous has been living a lie ever since her mother was secretly hospitalized for mental illness. After putting on a brave front for months, time is running out. The next book is overdue, and the Queen can't write it. Alice needs a story for her mother—and she needs one fast.

That's when she meets Errol, a strange boy who claims to be Cupid, who insists that Alice write about the greatest love story in history: his tragic relationship with Psyche. As Alice begins to hear Errol's voice in her head and see things she can't explain, she must face the truth—that she's either inherited her mother's madness, or Errol is for real.


You may have been like me and looked at this book thinking it would be just another light cute romantic type of spin on Cupid. But I was really surprised (and in a good way!) to find that this story had much more depth to it.

Alice is your typical teenager who's living the normal type of life. She lies to everyone saying her best-selling author mother is working on her next novel or out of the country for research. She makes sure no one knows that her mom is actually in a mental institute due to her bi-polar issues. She doesn't attend public school because she has to keep up with all her mother's stuff, and the only friends she really has are the tenants in the fourplex she manages in her mother's absence. Okay, so maybe she's not a normal teenager, and she's definitely got more stress placed on her than anyone should ever have. If things weren't enough for her she has some guy claiming to be Cupid that needs her to write his story before his time is up.

A lot of the book focuses on Alice and her growth from trying to accept her mother's disease and the life she has now. I loved the voice of Alice. She really pulls you in. I absolutely loved Errol's story and learning more about his past. The friendship that Alice and him build is realistic even if ya know, he's not exactly human. If Selfors was to ever write the story of Errol, I would buy a copy of it! There was also a side romantic relationship with Alice's crush, Tony. I think it played in very well with the story, and added to the growth that Alice goes through. Plus Tony was pretty awesome. The neighbors, the ones that know Alice's secret with her mother, were great side characters. Alice definitely had a lot of people looking out for her even if she didn't realize it.

The only fall back is that while this novel started out really good, and the spin on Cupid seemed to start flowing, a good portion of the novel deals with Errol (aka Cupid) trying to convince her that he is the real deal. It got a bit repetitive that she didn't realize this for half of the book. Besides some of the novel slowing down, I overall really enjoyed this real. This is the second book I've read by Selfors, and she's definitely becoming an author to look out for!

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flanpnhfpnanfnFN said...

I haven't read Selfors other book Coffehouse Angel but I really enjoyed Mad Love. It was an interesting twist on Cupid and I really enjoyed reading about the characters. I agree with the drawback. I did really like the ending though, it wasn't exactly 'happy' but it was still right. :)

Alison Can Read said...

I really enjoyed this book. More than Coffeehouse Angel. It dealt with a very difficult issue in an enjoyable way. I too loved Alice's voice. I liked that it wasn't a love triangle.