Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YA Community Thanksgiving - What I'm Thankful For

Being part of this awesome YA community has been a lot of fun. But at times, it can be tiring. With more and more blog drama that keeps popping up, it almost makes you just want to shut your computer off and not even bother for a while.

Adele from Persnickety Snark came up with a great idea. You can read all about it here. Basically it's a chance for us bloggers to say what we're thankful for and what we love in the YA community that we are all apart of.

Here's my list:

  • Authors - Since I was ten, I've always dreamed about being a published author. Like many other bloggers, authors are like rock stars to me. So when I started contacting some of them - feeling quite foolish mind you for my ramblings - I was blown away by the appreciation and thoughtful emails that they sent back. How many of them take the time to let little old me bug them with interview questions and even some that have helped promote my blog. And most importantly, thank you for your imagination. For giving me a world I can slip into and not have to worry about things that are going on around me.
  • Bloggers - Oh, you bloggers. I love how there are so many different blogs out there. I love how there are so many different voices out there! Each blog I stumble upon is unique in its own way, and sometimes I think people forget that. It doesn't matter how popular you are or how un-popular you are, your voice matters. And I want to say thank you for posting books that I might not have heard of or might not have given a chance. Before I joined the book blogging world, I probably would have never read so many of the books that I've read today. I also love the discussions and different views I see on books. Sometimes I over look a subject I shouldn't and I know I can always rely on someone pointing it out.
  • Commenters / Readers -  You guys are made of awesome and you have no idea how awesome you really are. There are tons and tons of blogs out there to read, and I know there are more 'lurkers' than there are commenters. I understand. I'm a lurker on many blogs, too. So it means the world to me when you guys take the time to leave comments, drop by to say hi, or even leave your feedback. You make blogging worth all the time. And special thanks for putting up with my rambling self because let's face it, I do that a lot. 
  • My fellow music lovers - When I put together Rock This! Thursday, I wasn't for sure how well it would go. In between discovering new books that focus on one of my favorite things in the world, I've  got a Music Player full of NEW music from bloggers and authors who swung by to Rock This! with me. 
  • Friends I have made along the way - Wow. I never thought I'd really grow friendships with people over books, but I have. Nor did I ever think I'd have open invitations from people if I ever wanted to attend book related events. It has been fantastic getting to know more and more of you all the time!
  • ARC Tour Sites- The reviewers who take the time from their own blogs to help create a place to spread the book love are simply amazing in my eyes. Your work is so much appreciated from me and I am so lucky to be apart of so many different tours that I normally wouldn't get the chance to be apart of. I love how more and more of these sites are being opened and ran. 

Also Adele pointed out that she hopes everyone goes to at least 5 blogs they've never been to and comment. This is something I plan to do, and I'm looking forward to stumbling upon them. If you decide to do the YA Thanksgiving, leave me a link in your comments so I can go check it out!



girlsinthestacks.com said...

I love authors too! We have only been blogging since Nov. 09 and we have met so many great authors, and they ARE nice...have not come across a mean one yet.

I admit I am a lurker at lots of bloggs, but I like too how each one is unique.

Robby said...

I'm so happy I've found your blog through Adele.
That picture, the first picture, made me smile. Everything about this post made me smile.
:] See? I'm still smiling.

Anonymous said...

Aw, your post is all full of warm fuzzies :) This is why I enjoy being a book blogger.

prophecygirl said...

Yay for the YA blogosphere! Great post :)

Pam Pho said...

Adele had a great idea here. I am enjoying finding all these awesome YA blogs. Keep up the good work. You are in my reader now!

Adele said...

See I've learnt something new already - Rock This Thursday? Didn't know about it and now totally onboard. Thanks Amber for your sweet words and for actively spread good thoughts into our little community.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

I'm here through Persnickety Snark's YA Thanksgiving post.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello - your blog looks lovely and am looking forward to stopping back more regularly (especially for Rock This! Thursday - what an awesome idea!)


Llehn said...

Awww ... I love the community. Feeling the love :D