Friday, March 5, 2010

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Release Date: March 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 480
Source: Around the World Tours

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What if you had only one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life?

Samantha Kingston has it all—looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12th should be just another day in her charmed life. Instead, it’s her last. The catch: Samantha still wakes up the next morning. In fact, she re-lives the last day of her life seven times, until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes, she may hold more power than she had ever imagined.


Lauren Oliver completely and utterly blew me away with her debut novel, Before I Fall.

There are many books that make me fall in love with the characters, setting, and the overall story. Some authors have the talent to make me laugh, cry, or bring me to the edge of my seat. But it's not often where I find myself pulled into a novel so strongly where the barrier between reader and book becomes invisible. While reading Before I Fall, the world around me simply slipped away.

From the beginning to the middle to the end, this was a powerful, entertaining, heartbreaking, and absolutely beautiful story. Sam wasn't a girl you're supposed to like in the beginning. She has the 'mean girl popular' persona, but ya know, I never really disliked her. Maybe because I knew the story was going to have so much more to it then what was at the surface. Throughout the book, you see Sam's layers being peeled back which made her one of the wonderful complex characters I've read in a while.

I cannot praise Lauren Oliver's writing enough. This lady is packed full of talent! She wrote a story that you simply cannot put down and walk away from. Sam will stick with you for days. This novel hits you at home, makes you think, and makes you questions actions you've done in your own life. This novel is definitely going to be a favorite for the year, and one you cannot miss out on!



Adriana said...

Wonderful review!
I'm anxiously waiting for my book to arrive. I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

I started this one yesterday. So far, It's great. I can't wait to read on! :)

prophecygirl said...

Amber, I knew you would love this! It's an amazing book - both the story and writing are above and beyond what I expected from a debut.

Fantastic review!

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

I finished the 1st chapter of this book. It is definitely an eye opener <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so very excited to read this book! It seems to be one that everyone loves. Great review :)

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Agreed, this novel is a masterpiece and I'm really not surprised everyone loves it! I hope it becomes a massive bestseller and I think it people generally would really benefir from reading this book, at least it'd make them think a bit!

Miss Remmers said...

Wonderful review! I really want to read this!

Sab H. said...

Yours is awesome too!! We said basically the same things!! WOW right? I wish every book was as good as this one. ;D

Anonymous said...

Great review. I still haven't been able to get my hands on this book but I know I won't be dissapointed. Lauren Oliver really does have a talent for writing!

scottsgal said...

I just ordered this book yesterday - can't wait to read it have read such great reviews of it