Monday, January 25, 2010


Thanks to everyone who entered! I am officially loving Google Docs and highly suggest any blogger use the form for their own giveaways.  The three copies of The Lonely Hearts Club go to.....


Sylvia from California

Jennifer from Maryland

Erica from Wisconsin 

Congrats girls! I'm sending you an email as we speak (and/or type - which ever way you want to look at it).

Didn't win? Don't forget to check our newest giveaway - My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincet.


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Oh my god, I think that's me! *squeals* Or at least I'm pretty sure I used my full name, lol. Hmm, I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks for hosting this awesome contest! :D

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Haha, Jenn, yes that is you! I sent you an email....hopefully I typed in the right address, lol

Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

LOL! I love that gif. Dean Winchester♥

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! That was the BEST episode of Supernatural I think.. SO funny!