Friday, January 16, 2009

daily slogans

Ok, so we have seen in many blogs--blogger, livejournal etc.--that have been doing Teaser Tuesdays. We also see that many people have a cute slogan for everyday. Well, we also have cute slogans for everyday, minus Tuesday...that is borrowed. The rest we made up. I hope everyone enjoys them.

MANIC MONDAYS - On Manic Mondays we will going manic over certain books. Whether they are classics from our pasts, or new wonders of our future, we'll be giving you the title, author and description of the book or books.

TEASER TUESDAYS - On Teaser Tuesdays we'll be giving a nice preview of a book, maybe one at random, maybe one we like. But mostly if our Author of the Month has more then one book published we will be taking a different book each week and giving you a taste of something great.

WRITERS WEDNESDAYS - This is one of our favorites. On Writers Wednesdays we will be giving you an introduction to, what we feel are some of the best fanfiction and fictionpress writers. We both are writers on them and we both enjoy immensely reading from both sites.

ROCK THIS! THURSDAYS - Here is another of our favorite days! Every thursday will be a new look into the world of writing around or with music. Stories that have so much passion that you want to jump and dance. Books infused and inspired by music. We all love music...and we all love books. So we're going to give you some of the most rockin' titles on this day.

FANTASY FRIDAYS - I know that we love to disappear into a fantasy world. It's needed sometimes. So on fridays we will share some fantasy titles that we know and love and some that we are just getting to know ourselves. Some will be recommended from friends or other reviewers and authors.


Steph said...

This sounds like a cool, actually. I've seen many daily slogans but some of these I've never seen before :D


Mommy Metropolis said...

I agree with Steph. Very cool slogans chickas. I'm thinking I'll be lovin' Teaser Tuesdays the most and Writers Wednesady. Get to know about new writeres and clips of books...I'm there! :)